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Published: 19th Apr 2008

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Business and Technical English Easily Confused words Same or Different Pairwork 

Student A 

By first of all reading out the word in italics and then the whole sentence, decide if the word you have and 

the word your partner has have the same of different meanings. 

1.  This is an excellent company to work for- I love it! 

2.  I do all my shopping in just one department store- shopping around is just a waste of time. 

3.  You can smell that the air isn’t clean when you are near the area with all the chemical plants in 


4.  He never answers his mobile, so I have to leave a note on his computer screen asking him to get 

back to me 

5.  I don’t think receiving a free gift has ever influenced my buying decisions 

6.  A good presenter must always summarize the key points of what he or she has said before they 

give their final conclusion. 

7.  You have to dial zero twice before the international dialling code. 

8.  It’s really difficult to find anything in this town because there are no street signs


Do you think any of the sentences above are true for your partner? Tell them which sentences and check. 


Discuss the words and expressions below with a partner- do they have the same or different meanings? 

Just 6% and exactly 6% 



A CV/ a resume 

A sales point and a selling point 


A share and a market share 

A sub and an assistant 



A claim and a complaint 

An end user/ a consumer 



A working woman/ a career woman 

Meet man to man/ meet face to face 


Wide/ long 

Pay a premium/ pay an additional charge 

3 kilos/ 3k 

An antenna/ an aerial 

Aluminium/ aluminum 

a PET bottle and a plastic bottle 

Customized/ tailor made/ bespoke 

A cash register/ a till 

A building/ an office building/ an office block 

A post/ a post box 

A bill/ a building 

A freshman/ a new recruit 

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