Cambridge PET Sentence Completion Part 1 - Answer Sheet

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Cambridge PET Sentence Completion 

For each question, complete the second sentence with no more than three words so that it means 

the same as the first. 


1.  I prefer listening to music to watching TV. 

I like listening to music 

more than

 watching TV. 


2.  TV has too much advertising. 

TV has 

too many



3.  There are only a few good programmes on TV. 

There aren’t 


 good programmes on TV. 


4.  I haven’t watched TV for ages. 

It’s been a long time 


 I watched TV. 


5.  If I don’t buy some new music every month, I get bored with my collection. 

I get bored with my collection 


 I buy some new music every 



6.  Why don’t you stay in and watch TV this evening? 

If I were you, I 


 in and watch TV this evening. 


7.  They have a lot of repeats on TV. 



 a lot of repeats on TV.