Can & Can’t Drawing Coin Game


By: Alex Case
Level: Beginner
Theme: General
Study Area: Modals
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Lesson Plan Content:

Can/Can’t Drawing Coin Game
Choose one of the phrases below. Before you start miming, secretly flip a coin. If you get
heads, draw a positive
“…can…” sentence with the person or thing successfully doing that
thing, e.g. a dog typing on a computer with real words on the screen. If you get tails, draw
a negative
“…can’t…”showing that person or thing trying to do something but failing, e.g. a
boy dropping all three juggling balls and looking sad. The first person to say the whole
correct sentence gets one point. If no one gets it, you can also draw the opposite sentence
and cross it out and/ or circle the thing that you want them to say.

The baby
The beetle
The boy
The butterfly
The cat
The dog
The girl

add/ do math(s)
catch a ball
catch a fish
climb a wall
drive a car
get in a bus
lift weights
make a tower of blocks
make an omelette
play tennis
play the guitar
ride a bicycle
ride a horse
skip (= jump rope)
speak English
use a computer
wear a tie

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