Christmas- Adverbs of Frequency


Level: Beginner
Topic: General
Grammar Topic: Adjectives and Adverbs
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Published: 3rd Dec 2007

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Adverbs of Frequency Xmas Traditions 


In your team, choose one of the sentences below and guess the missing adverb of frequency. You can ask 

for a hint before you guess, but if you guess wrong you cannot try again. You get five points if you guess 

correctly without a hint, two points if you guess correctly after a hint, or one point if you can guess 

another team’s sentence correctly after they have failed. 


In Britain, Xmas pudding is ___________________________ served hot 


Japanese shopping centres ________________________ take their Xmas decorations down on Xmas 



British people ____________________________ cook turkey for Xmas 


Australians ________________________________ eat outside on Xmas Day. 


British children _________________________________ put out a glass of sherry and mince pie on 

Xmas Eve. 


British people ________________________ put a coin in the Xmas pudding 


British people _______________ go to church on Christmas day 


British people _________________________ listen to the Queen’s speech on Xmas Day 


British people _________________________________ use the expression “Santa” or “Santa Claus” 


British people _____________________________ put presents in stockings. 


British kids ______________________________ go carolling (standing outside people’s houses singing 

Xmas songs). 


British people _______________________ invite friends round for Xmas dinner.   


It _____________________ snows in London on Xmas Day.   


Written by Alex Case for © 2007 


British people __________________________ eat out on Xmas day   


British people _____________________ decorate the outside of their houses with Xmas decorations such 

as fake snow on the roof and life sized figures of Santa. 


British people _____________________ have fireworks on Xmas Day 


There is ___________________________ fog in London on Xmas Day.   


British people ___________________________ leave their Xmas decorations up until 12 January   


British Xmas trees _______________________ have a Santa Claus on the top. 


Trains _________________________________ run on Xmas Day in the UK. 


It ___________________ snows on Xmas Day in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia. 


British people _____________________ have a fresh cream Xmas cake. 


Written by Alex Case for © 2007 

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