Christmas and Religion Discussion


Religion in modern-day Christmas conversation questions

By: Alex Case
Level: Advanced
Topic: Religion
Grammar Topic: General

Christmas and religion discussion questions

Ask each other questions from below that you find most interesting, skipping any which you don’t understand, think are too difficult, aren’t related to your partner, etc.  

What do you think about non-religious Xmas cards, e.g. ones with a snowman on the outside and “Happy Holidays” written on the inside?


Do you think that people who aren’t Christian and people in non-Christian countries should avoid celebrating Christmas?


Which of these religious things do you think it is okay for non-religious people to take part in during Christmas?

  • A carol service
  • Carol singing
  • Midnight mass
  • A candle-lit Christmas service
  • Sending Christmas cards with religious imagery like the Three Wise Men and baby Jesus in the stable


How much of the Christmas story (Jesus born in a stable, Three Wise Men guided by a star, shepherds, etc) do you think actually happened that way? Does it matter? Does the historical truth of the story interest you?


Do you think it is okay for someone who isn’t a Christian to refuse to work on Christmas Day?


Is Xmas or Easter more important in your country? Is there much difference? Why do you think that is?


Many children nowadays think that Xmas is Santa’s birthday rather than Jesus’ birthday. Do you think that this is a serious problem? What would you say to your own young child if they thought that?


If you were a Christian, how would you feel about the fact that many Xmas traditions (e.g. holly, mistletoe, the date of Christmas Day, the name “Yule”) have pre-Christian roots?


Do you think that Xmas is becoming secularized and/ or commercialized? Is the same happening to any other festivals and holidays in your country? What are your views on that?


Discuss any questions which you skipped as a class.

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