Christmas and the Environment Discussion


Green issues related to Xmas conversation questions

By: Alex Case
Level: All Levels
Topic: Religion
Grammar Topic: General

Christmas and the environment discussion questions

Which of these things do you think have the worst effect on the environment?

  • Wrapping paper
  • People travelling during the Xmas holidays
  • Xmas cards
  • Overconsumption of food
  • Buying food which doesn’t get eaten
  • Packaging
  • Unwanted presents that are rarely or ever used
  • Xmas products companies produce that are thrown away because they aren’t sold
  • Throwing out of old things that Xmas presents have replaced
  • Xmas decorations
  • Growing and annual throwing away of (real) Xmas trees

How could we cut down on those things?


Is the amount of packaging thrown away after Xmas presents are opened mainly something that the government, companies or consumers should do something about?


Some people say that the lack of work and transport during the Xmas holiday almost makes up for the increased consumption. Do you think this could be true? Is it very relevant to the environmental arguments against Xmas?


How is it possible to recycle or reuse these things?

  • Xmas food
  • Christmas trees
  • Xmas cards
  • Wrapping paper
  • Unwanted presents


Would you be happy to do these things if you found out that they were much better for the environment?

  • Saving wrapping paper and re-using it
  • Cutting off the pictures on Xmas cards and then putting them on a blank piece of paper or card to make next year’s cards
  • Sending e-cards instead of physical Xmas cards
  • Making your own Xmas cards
  • Making your own Xmas decorations
  • A vegetarian Xmas dinner
  • A plastic Xmas tree
  • Using another plant in the place of a Xmas tree
  • Raise your own turkey and then eat it at Xmas
  • A potted Xmas tree that you keep all year (maybe in your garden) rather than a cut-down one

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