Christmas- Going to for plans and predictions with present evidence


Level: Beginner
Topic: General
Grammar Topic: Future Forms
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Published: 12th Dec 2007

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Going to Xmas (Going to for plans and predictions with present evidence) 


Mime getting ready to do one of the actions below. Make sure you mime the run up to the action only. 

Mime very slowly, making sure you don’t start the actual action below, so that the action is still in the 

future when your partner says the sentence. For example, for “You are going to crack a nut” you can 

mime picking up the nut and cracker and then squeezing, but not actually breaking it.   


You are going to crack a nut 

You are going to cook a turkey 

You are going to carve a turkey 

You are going to roast some potatoes. 

You are going to go for a walk in the snow 

You are going to drink champagne 

You are going to start a fire 

You are going to light some fireworks 

You are going to wrap a present 

You are going to ski 

You are going to skate 

You are going to put presents in your children’s bedroom 

You are going to send some cards 

You are going to phone your relatives 

You are going to eat a chocolate 

You are going to kiss someone 

You are going to eat a slice of cake 

You are going to pull a Christmas cracker 

You are going to give your mother a homemade Xmas card. 

You are going to stay awake until Santa comes. 

You are going to make a snowman 

You are going to throw a snowball 

You are going to sing Xmas carols (= traditional Xmas songs) 


Continue the same game, but with the person guessing the sentence not looking at the list above 


Continue, but with other Xmas actions 


Written by Alex Case for © 2007 


Choose one of the things above and give your partner clues about which one you are thinking about by 

telling the real plans of you and people you know, e.g. “My father is going to do this, but it might be the 

last time because the children are getting too old” (You are going to put present’s in your children’s 



Continue, but with other things you typically do at Xmas. 

Written by Alex Case for © 2007 

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