Christmas- Past Tense Mimes


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Published: 4th Dec 2007

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Christmas and New Year Past Tenses Mimes 

Choose one of the actions below and mime it for your partner. Whenever they think they know which one 

you are miming you should stop the action and they should say what you were doing: 

You were visiting people 

You were shopping 

You were doing a spring clean 

You were watching a movie 

You were skating 

You were skiing 

You were sledging 

You were cracking nuts 

You were carving meat 

You were eating sweets 

You were decorating your house 

You were opening a gift 

You were ripping the wrapping paper off a gift 

You were writing cards 

You were praying 

You were putting on a hat 

You were singing Xmas songs 

You were playing a musical instrument 

It was snowing 

You were opening a bottle of champagne 

You were cutting a cake into slices 

You were pouring gravy on your dinner 

You were putting some meat into the oven 

You were lighting a firework 

You were working 

You were travelling by train 

You were dressing up in a Santa Claus costume 

You were kissing someone on the cheek 

You were putting gifts into a stocking (= a sock) 

You were putting gifts into a shoe 

You were eating a fish 

You were lighting candles. 

You were putting decorations on a cake. 

Written by Alex Case for © 2007 


Continue the same game, but with the person guessing the sentence not looking at the list above 


Continue, but with other Xmas actions 


I have done this once or twice. 


Choose one of the things above and give your partner clues about which one you are thinking about by 

telling them about you and that thing in the past, e.g. “I have done this once or twice” “I didn’t do this 

last Xmas” “I last did this 3 weeks ago” 


Continue, but with other things you typically do at Xmas. 


Why do we use the Past Continuous (“You were kissing people”= was/were + ing) for the mimes, but the 

Present Perfect (“I have never kissed someone on Xmas Day”= has/ have + past participle) and the 

Simple Past (“I last kissed someone 10 minutes ago” = single verb, followed by +ed when regular) for 

the other statements. 


Which tense above is used with each of the following time clauses? 

2 years ago 

Twice (in my life) 

At this time last year 

When my mother came in and interrupted me 

On Xmas Day 

When the clock struck 12 

Written by Alex Case for © 2007 

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