Classroom Treasure Hunt- Prepositions


Making and solving treasure hunt puzzles with prepositions of position

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Classroom treasure hunt prepositions of position practice

Choose a colour and your teacher will give your team a worksheet on that colour of paper. Write hints, cut up the worksheet, and stick hints 2 to 10 around the room face down in the positions you have written. Give hint 1 to another team and time them as they go around the room following the clues in order. Add 30 seconds every time they touch the wrong hint. The quickest team and the team that made the most difficult treasure hunt get points.


Hint 1: Hint 2 is under ___________________________________



Hint 2: Hint 3 is between _______________ and ____________



Hint 3: Hint 4 is on ___________________________________



Hint 4: Hint 5 is above __________________________________



Hint 5: Hint 6 is next to _________________________________



Hint 6: Hint 7 is behind _________________________________



Hint 7: Hint 8 is in front of _______________________________



Hint 8: Hint 9 is near _________________________________



Hint 9: Hint 10 is to the left of ____________________________



Hint 10: The treasure is _________________________________



This is the treasure. Congratulations!!!!!!!



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