Level: Beginner
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Grammar Topic: Conjunctions
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Published: 1st Sep 2007

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Complete the following sentences. 


1.  I left early because __________________________________________________. 

2.  It was very expensive, but ____________________________________________. 

3.  They never come on time, so __________________________________________. 

4.  There was a train strike, so ____________________________________________. 

5.  I’ll do it when ______________________________________________________. 

6.  I’d love to help, and _________________________________________________. 

7.  I’m learning Japanese, but ____________________________________________. 

8.  I hate beach holidays, so _____________________________________________. 

9.  It didn’t look very good, so ___________________________________________. 

10.  I’ll tell her if _______________________________________________________. 

11.  The phone rang while ________________________________________________. 

12.  I felt sick, so _______________________________________________________. 

13.  It’s snowing, but ____________________________________________________. 

14.  I needed help, but ___________________________________________________. 

15.  I called her a number of times, but ______________________________________. 

16.  I wanted to speak to them while ________________________________________. 

17.  It’s a very expensive restaurant, and _____________________________________. 

18.  It’s open late, so _____________________________________________________. 

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