Connected speech in IELTS Listening


Changed sounds in IELTS Listening answers at natural speed

By: Alex Case
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Lesson Plan Content:

Connected speech in IELTS Listening

Correct the spelling mistakes on the next page.

Try to find what the spelling mistakes have in common and use that to check that you have corrected the right parts. There are several different but connected groups of mistakes.

Check your answers with the suggested answers, then use those answers to check if you guessed the right thing in common between the mistakes.

Why are the wrong parts spelled that way?

Find examples of each of these things and work out why they happen/ what those examples have in common:

  • extra sounds added
  • sounds changed
  • the last sound of the first word moved
  • sounds lost


If you haven’t yet, make sure you have found at least one of these more specific changes:

  • /w/ added
  • /j/ (for “yoyo”) added
  • /r/ added
  • final /n/
  • syllables lost


In groups, practise saying the words they are written with the spelling mistakes, correcting each other if the pronunciation is too close to the version with correct spelling.


Test each other on the words:

  • Choose one of the lines, say it either the way it is spelt or the way it is pronounced, and see if your partner can hear which way you are saying it
  • Say one of the lines as it is pronounced naturally and see if your partner can say it back slowly and carefully
  • Choose one of the lines, say it the way it is correctly spelt (without connecting the words) and see if your partner can pronounce it back with the usual fast pronunciation (connecting the words)
  • Say one of the words with the normal fast pronunciation (connecting the words) and see if your partner can spell it


Spelling mistakes in IELTS Listening gapfill tasks to correct

  • 33 Bangk Road
  • academic refrences
  • ancien tart
  • arranged alphabeticly
  • blue wocean
  • core soutline
  • day yoff
  • evry three days
  • fire rengine
  • fix tincome
  • fren chembassy
  • genral store
  • gif shop
  • granmother
  • hal fa nour
  • in fie vours
  • intrest rates
  • laing graph
  • late evning
  • libral economists
  • libry card
  • lie finsurance
  • media raccess
  • modern histry
  • nursry school
  • onlime payment
  • opra house
  • overdue wupdate
  • pal moil
  • raim boots
  • reasnable prices
  • sales confrence
  • satisfactry result
  • secondry school
  • soun defects
  • soy lerosion
  • stay jactor
  • stray tafter
  • thousanth customer
  • tidy yup
  • two fiths
  • violing case
  • wes tafrica
  • while danimals
  • yea ron year


Normal/ fast pronunciation

Spelling/ Slow and careful pronunciation

33 Bangk Road 

academic refrences       

ancien tart                                      

arranged alphabeticly                   

blue wocean                                  

core soutline                                

day yoff                                          

evry three days

fire rengine                       

fix tincome                       

fren chembassy              

genral store                    

gif shop                                         


hal fa nour                                    

in fie vours                      

intrest rates                                  

laing graph                                     

late evning                                    

libral economists                           

libry card                                       

lie finsurance                                 

media raccess                              

modern histry                               

nursry school                               

onlime payment                             

opra house                                   

overdue wupdate                          

pal moil              

raim boots                                      

reasnable prices                          

sales confrence                             

satisfactry result                          

secondry school                          

soun defects                                                

soy lerosion                                                 

stay jactor                                                    

stray tafter                                                   

thousanth customer                                    

tidy yup                                          

two fiths                                                       

violing case                                  

wes tafrica                                                   

while danimals

yea ron year      

33 Bank Road

academic references

ancient art

arranged alphabetically

blue ocean

course outline

day off

every three days

fire engine

fixed income

French embassy

general store

gift shop


half an hour

in five hours

interest rates

line graph

late evening

liberal economists

library card

life insurance

media access

modern history

nursery school

online payment

opera house

overdue update

palm oil

rain boots

reasonable prices

sales conference

satisfactory result

secondary school

sound effects

soil erosion

stage actor

straight after

thousandth customer

tidy up

two fifths

violin case

West Africa

wild animals

yea ron year


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