Countable & Uncountable- Decide the Amount


Deciding how many/ much countable and uncountable nouns discussion

By: Alex Case
Level: All Levels
Topic: General
Grammar Topic: Nouns

Countable and uncountable decide the amount discussions

Choose three situations from below and in each case try to agree on what and how many/ how much.

  • The first supermarket shop when you move into a house together
  • Shopping for a dinner party for six people
  • Shopping for a housewarming party for between ten and fifty people (depending on who turns up on the day)
  • Shopping for a birthday party for a five-year-old girl with six child guests plus relatives
  • What a year of perfect weather would be like
  • Supplies for a new company setting up an office for the first time, starting with four employees
  • Supplies for an established office of 12 people for one month
  • Things your country should produce more of
  • Things your country should produce less/ fewer of
  • Things you should eat and drink more of
  • Things you should eat and drink less of
  • What needs cleaning up and tidying up in your hospital and the supplies you need to do so
  • What you need in order to do a spring clean of your three-bedroom house
  • What to pack for two people taking one month to travel on an around-the-world air ticket
  • Things to buy at the same time as a new car (accessories, tools and supplies)
  • Things to take on your lifeboat from a sinking ship
  • Things to save from your burning house
  • Things to take with you when trying to cross the desert to the nearest town after your plane crashes ( with the plane still intact and reasonably well preserved)
  • Easily available things that you need in order to produce a small rocket that can reach the upper atmosphere in order to win a school prize
  • Things to arrange for an American pop star who will be touring your country
  • Things that should be recycled more

Compare some of your ideas with other students.

Ask about any situations above which you don’t understand, can’t imagine the conversation, etc.

Talk about the other topics, but this time just agreeing on one countable noun and one uncountable noun plus amounts/ numbers before moving on to the next topic.

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