Defining Relative Clauses Personalised Speaking Practice


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Defining Relative Clauses Personalised Speaking Practice
Ask your partner about their evening/ day/ week/ weekend in as much detail as possible.
Imagine you know nothing about this country, this city, your partner’s job or your partner’s
company and ask them to explain at least one thing during your conversation with ques-
tions like
“Sorry, what is…?” Then switch roles and do the same thing. Useful phrases for
the person answering the questions are in bold below. Continue switching roles and doing
the same thing until your teacher stops you, then as a class share what you explained to
your partner and discuss how those explanations could be improved.
Basic small talk questions
How’s it going?/ How are things?/ How’s life?/ How are you doing?
How’s work?
How’s business?
How’s your… project going?
How has your day been (so far)?
How was your evening?/ Did you do anything (nice) last night?
How has your week been (so far)?
How was your weekend?/ Did you do anything nice at the weekend?
Long time no see. How have you been?

Basic answers to “How…?” questions



not bad
not so good
terrible/ awful

Asking for more details
What are you working on at the moment?
What have you been up to?
So, where (exactly) did you…?
What did you use to…?
What kind of… did you…?
What was the name of…?
What is his/ her job/ role?

Asking what something is/ means
Sorry, what (exactly) is…?
I’m afraid I’ve never heard of… (Could you explain…?)
What (precisely) does… do?

Explaining what something is/ means
It’s a place/ shop/ café/ restaurant/ park/ part of the city/ shopping area/ …
He’s/ She’s a person…
It’s a thing/ a TV programme/ a movie/ an app/ a festival/ a…/ an…

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