Describing chemicals with passive voice


Passive voice lesson for engineers

Describing chemicals with passive voice

Describing chemicals with passive voice guessing game

Describe a chemical such as one your company uses or produces using hints like those below until your partner guesses what it is. They can only guess once per hint.


Describing chemicals with passive voice brainstorming

Choose a chemical. Take turns describing it with sentences starting with the words below until someone gives up or says something that isn’t true.


Suggested active and passive sentences for describing chemicals

  • It will be banned
  • It causes/ It can cause
  • It is combined
  • It competes with
  • It is controlled
  • It costs
  • It is criticised/ It can be criticised
  • It can be destroyed
  • It was developed/ It was discovered
  • It is exported
  • It freezes
  • It is heated
  • It helps
  • It is imported
  • It was invented
  • It is licensed
  • It is limited
  • It is made from/ of
  • It is manufactured/ It is produced
  • It is marketed
  • It melts
  • It is mined
  • It is mixed
  • It was patented
  • It reacts with
  • It is recycled/ It can be recycled
  • It is regulated
  • It is replacing/ It replaced/ It will replace/ It is being replaced by/ It will be replaced by
  • It can resist
  • It is restricted
  • It is sold/ It was first sold
  • It is transported
  • It is used/ It is used/ It is used/ It was first used/ It has been used/ It used to be used


Passive and active voices and tenses presentations

Put these verbs in the most likely tense, in the passive voice when that is most common (with “It…”, meaning the chemical, as the grammatical subject).

  • ban
  • cause
  • combine
  • compete
  • control
  • cost
  • criticise
  • destroy
  • develop/ discover
  • export
  • freeze
  • heat
  • help
  • import
  • invent
  • license
  • limit
  • make from/ of
  • manufacture/ produce
  • market
  • melt
  • mine
  • mix
  • patent
  • react with
  • recycle
  • regulate
  • replace
  • resist
  • restrict
  • sell
  • transport
  • use by/ use for/ use to


Check above. Many other answers are possible, so please check if you put something different.

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