Describing things with prepositions


A lesson plan on describing things with prepositions

Guessing objects from prepositions

Choose one of the objects below and describe places where it is until your partner guesses what thing you are talking about. If they still can’t guess, draw it in some of the situations that you described. They must guess exactly the thing that you choose, even if other answers are possible for your hints.

Brainstorming positions

Choose an object and take turns brainstorming places where it often is.

Possible hints/ Suggested brainstorming answers

Level 1 version – in, on and under

 apple – It’s in a pie.

 banana – It’s in a monkey./ It’s in a supermarket.

 books – They are in your bag.

 boy – He is on the chair./ He’s under an umbrella.

 carrot – It’s in a rabbit.

 chair – It is under the boy./ It’s under the girl./ It’s on the carpet./ It’s under the teacher.

 coffee – It is in your cup.

 dinner/ food – It is on the plate.

 driver – She’s in a car.

 egg – It’s under a bird./ It’s in a chicken./ It’s on a plate./ It’s in a sandwich.

 fork – It is in your left hand.

 girl – She is on the chair./ She’s in the dress./ She’s in the skirt.

 hand – It is under your balloon.

 hat – It is on your head.

 ice cream – It’s under strawberries./ It’s in a cone./ It’s in a bowl./ It’s on a spoon.

 juice – It is in your glass.

 knife – It is in your right hand.

 legs – They are under the desk./ They are in jeans.

 orange – It’s in juice.

 pencil – It is on the desk.

 plate – It is on the dinner table./ It’s in the dishwasher./ It is under your dinner./ It is under your food.

 radio – It is in the car.

 shirt – It is under your jacket.

 shoes – They are in your pants.

 socks – They are on your feet./ They are in your shoes.

 spoon – It’s in the tea cup./ It’s in the bowl./ It’s in the sugar.

 strawberry – It’s on a cake./ It’s on ice cream.

 television – It is in the living room.

 tissues – They are in a box.

 tomato – It’s in spaghetti sauce.

 train driver – He is in a train.

 video/ DVD player – It is under the television.

Level 2 version – on, in and under

 bath – It’s in the bathroom./ It’s under the shower.

 bird – It’s on the roof./ It’s on the tree./ It’s on an egg./ It’s in the sky.

 brush – It’s in the bathroom./ It’s under the mirror./ It’s by the comb.

 bus driver – He is in the bus./ He is under the hat.

 doctor – She is in the hospital./ She is in the clinic./ She in in the white coat./ She is by the bed.

 duck – It is on the water. – duck

 egg – It’s by a sausage./ It’s under a bird./ It’s in a chicken./ It’s on a plate.

 eraser – It is by the pencil./ It’s in the pencil case./ It’s on the desk./ It’s on the notebook.

 fire fighter – He is in the fire engine./ He is in the coat./ He is under the hat./ He is in the mask./ He’s in the boots.

 fish – It’s in a crocodile./ It’s in the dolphin./It’s in an octopus./ It’s in the sea./ It’s on the sushi rice.

 giraffe – It’s by a tree./ It’s in Africa./ It’s in a zoo./ It’s by a zebra.

 hippo – It’s in Africa./ It’s in water./ It’s in the zoo.

 horse – It’s under the rider./ It’s in a riding school.

 jacket – It’s on your shirt./ It’s under your scarf.

 kangaroo – It’s in Australia./ It’s in mummy’s pocket.

 key – It’s in your pocket./ It’s in the lock./ It’s in the door.

 ladder – It’s under a window./ It’s by a house./ A window cleaner is on it.

 milk – It’s in the cat./ It’s in the cow./ It’s in the supermarket.

 mirror – It’s under the light./ It’s in the bathroom.

 mouse – It’s in Disneyland./ It’s in a snake.

 nose – It’s by your eye.

 nurse – She’s in the hospital./ She’s by the doctor./ She’s under a white hat.

 office worker – She is in an office./ She is by the photocopier.

 pen – It is by the textbook./ It’s on the desk./ It’s in the pencil case.

 pencil case – It’s in the bag./ It’s on the desk.

 pig – It’s in a sausage.

 pineapple – It’s on a Hawaiian pizza./ It’s in fruit salad.

 pilot – He is in a plane./ He is in an airplane./ He is in an airport.

 police officer – He is in a police car./ He is in in a patrol car./ He is in a police station.

 roof – It’s on the house./ It’s under the bird.

 strawberry – It’s on a cake./ It’s on ice cream./ It’s by a blueberry.

 student – He is in school./ He is in the classroom./ He’s on the chair.

 tiger – It’s in India./ It’s in a zoo./ It’s by a lion.

 toothbrush – It’s in the bathroom./ It’s in a cup./ It’s by the mirror./ It’s in your mouth.

 towel – It’s in the bathroom./ It’s on your hair.

 tree – It’s in the garden./ It’s under the bird.

 x-ray – It’s in a hospital.

 yoyo – It’s under the hand.

 zebra – It’s in a zoo./ It’s in Africa./ It’s by a giraffe.

Level 3 version – on, in, under and by

 America – It’s by Canada.

 Taiwan – It’s under China.

 alarm clock – It’s by the bed./ It’s on a little table.

 basketball – It’s in the gym./ It’s in the basket.

 bat – It’s in the baseball player’s hands.

 bathroom – It’s by the toilet

 bed – It’s under the sleeping boy./ It’s in the bedroom./ It’s by the lamp.

 bicycle – It’s under the girl./ It’s in the street.

 boat/ ship/ yacht – It’s on the sea./ It’s on the water.

 bottle – It’s in the fridge.

 butterfly – It’s on the flower.

 car – It’s on the street./ It’s in the garage.

 chair – It’s under the teacher./ It’s by the desk./ It’s on the carpet.

 cheese – It’s in a mouse./ It’s in a sandwich.

 cockroach – It’s in the kitchen./ It’s under the shoe.

 cola – It’s in a can./ It’s in a bottle./ It’s in a glass./ It’s in the refrigerator.

 comic – It’s in a boy’s bedroom./ It’s in the library./ It’s in a bookshop.

 cook – He’s in a restaurant./ He’s in the kitchen.

 crayon – It’s in your pencil case./ It’s on the desk./ It’s by the colouring sheet.

 dining room – It’s by the kitchen.

 doll – It’s in a toy box./ It’s in a little dress./ It’s in a little bed./ It’s in a girl’s bedroom.

 dolphin – It’s in the sea./ It’s jumping in a hula hoop.

 fan – It’s in front of the window.

 football – It’s in the goal./ It’s in the goalkeeper’s hands.

 garage – It’s by the house.

 hamburger – It’s by French fries./ It’s in Macdonald’s.

 honey – It’s in the bee./ It’s on the butter on the toast.

 juice – It’s in the refrigerator./ It’s in a can./ It’s in a glass.

 kite – It’s in the sky./ It’s in a tree.

 lamp – It’s on the desk./ It’s by the bed.

 mosquito – It’s on your arm./ It’s under the hand.

 noodles – They are in the bowl./ They are in the chopsticks.

 pizza – It’s in the oven./ It’s in the Italian restaurant.

 sofa – It’s in the living room./ It’s under three people./ It’s by the armchair.

 spring roll – It’s in the Chinese restaurant./ It’s by noodles.

 water – It’s in you./ It’s in the toilet./ It’s in the bath./ It’s in the shower./ It’s in the bottle.

Level 4 version – in front of, behind, between

 carpet – It’s between your shoe and the floor.

 clouds – They are between the sun and you.

 curtains – They are in front of the window.

 lettuce – It is between bread and cheese.

 mouse mat – It’s between the mouse and the desk.

 neck – It’s between your body and your head.

 nose – It is in front of your head./ It’s between your eyes.

 office worker – She is in front of a computer screen.

 rain – It is between the cloud and you.

 sock – It’s between your shoe and your foot.

 spider – It’s between the trees.

 teacher – She is in front of the whiteboard./ He is in the classroom.

 teeth – They are behind your lips./ They are behind the toothbrush.

 wall – It’s between this room and the next room.

 whiteboard – It’s behind the teacher


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