Dimensions Game- Architecture


Practising architecture vocabulary and numbers together

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Architecture dimensions and other numbers guessing game

Choose one of the objects on the next page and describe it until your partner guesses what you are talking about. They can only guess once for each sentence that you say. All sentences must have a number in them, using phrases like those in this box:

Useful phrases for describing architecture with numbers


It weighs…

It is … high/ wide/ tall/ long/ thick.

It’s dimension are… by … (by…)

Its surface area/ volume/ radius/ circumference/ height/ width/ length is…

Its biggest/ smallest/ most important part is…

The biggest/ heaviest/ smallest/ lightest example of this is…

It weighs/ costs twice/ three times/ four times as much as…


Other properties

It costs…

It lasts for…

You need… to use it/ make it./ It’s made of (more or less)… parts.

You can draw one with… circles/ squares/ rectangles/ ovals/ triangles.


Other numbers

There are… in this office/ building/ street/ area/ town.

It was invented in…/ The first one in this city/ country…/ It has been around for…

I see/ use/ pass this … a day/ week/ month/ year.

It’s usually… above the ground/ from the door.

The one I designed/ use/ usually see/ have is…



Approximately/ About/ Around/ More or less

Between … and…

(Just) under/ Less than/ Up to – (Just) over/ More than

(Almost) exactly…


On average…

I imagine/ estimate/ think… 


3D model                                       Air conditioner                Air vent

Mechanical pencil                       Apartment building                      Balcony             

Bay window                                  Barbed wire                                   Beam

Bicycle rack                                   Blueprint                                        Brick

Built in cupboard                          Bungalow                                      CAD programmes

Cafeteria                                        Care home                                    Carpet tile

Ceiling                             Chandelier                                    Chimney

Community centre                        Compass                                       Cottage

Courtyard                                       Cubicle                            Department store

Doorstep                                        Double glazing               Double glazing

Drain                                              Driveway                                       Eaves

Fence                                             Fire alarm (bell)              Fireplace

Floor                                               Foam/ Styrofoam                          Foundation

Fountain                                        French windows                           Front desk/ reception

Gate                                                GPS                                                Greenhouse

Gutter                                             Gym                                                (Door) handle/ knob

Health centre/ Clinic      Helicopter landing pad  Hinge

Hospital                                         Intercom                                         Lawn

Lift/ Elevator                                  Lobby                                             Loft

Mansion                                         Metre rule                                      Multi storey car park

Nail gun                                         Path                                                Patio

Pavement/ Sidewalk     Pen tablet                                      Penthouse

Pipe                                                Plank                                              Plaster

Playground                                    Pond                                               (Indoor/ Outdoor) pool

Pot of paint

Protractor                                       Reinforced concrete      Retina scanner

Roll of wallpaper                          Roof tile                                         Rubber/ Eraser

Ruler                                              Screw                                             Security camera

Set square                                     Shopping centre/ Mall   Skylight

Skyscraper                                    Smoking area                 Socket

Stained glass window   Statue                                             Steeple

Stone                                              Store room/ Warehouse              Strip lights

Studio flat                                      Surveying equipment     Tape measure

(Roof top) terrace                         (Bathroom) tile                Veranda

Waiting room                                 Walk-in wardrobe                         Window cleaning cradle


Ask about anything above you don’t understand, working together to describe it in numbers each time.

Do the same with other objects connected to your work.

What other ways could you describe those things (not including numbers)?

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