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Published: 1st Sep 2007

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Cambridge Advanced (CAE) Use of English Practice 



This exercise gives you practice in the cloze exercises where you have to modify words 

to complete the text.    Complete the gaps using the correct form of the word given in 






1)  Powerful 

2)  Central 

3)  Injured 


4)  Rescuers 

5)  Medical 

6)  Desperately 



7)  Geological 

8)  Worst 

9)  Supplies 


10) Depth 

11) Flattened 

12) Historical 

13) Death 

14) Inhabitants 

A 1) _____ earthquake that measured 6.4 on the Richter scale shook 

2) _____ Iran on Tuesday.    At least 370 people were killed, with 

hundreds more 3) _____. 


Heavy rain has made it difficult for 4) _____ to work.  The 

governor of the province said that 5) _____ supplies were required 

because they were in 6) _____ short supply. 


The epicentre of the earthquake was 56 km northwest of the capital 

of the province according to the US 7) _____ Survey, and the 

villages of Hotkan and Khanhook Mothabarad were 8) _____ hit of 

all.  Power 9) _____ have been completely cut off and the 

hospitals are filled to capacity.    However, there is no clear picture 

of the 10) _____ of the disaster.    It was, however, smaller than the 

6.6 magnitude earthquake in December 2003 that 11) _____ the 12) 

_____ town of Bam in the same region.    That quake was caused 

the 13) _____ of tens of thousands of 14) _____ of the city. 





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