Easily Confused Words


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Published: 1st Sep 2007

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Easily confused words, etc. 



Choose the correct word or phrase to complete the sentences. 


1.  If you aren’t sure of a word, check its/it’s meaning in your dictionary. 

2.  I’m not sure if they’re/ there coming. 

3.  She’s done well, isn’t/hasn’t she? 

4.  It can not/cannot be ready on time. 

5.  I did hardly/hard any work yesterday. 

6.  It was a rush, but we just managed to get there in/on time. 

7.  You really should/ought to help more often. 

8.  I had less/fewer time than I needed. 

9.  It was cancelled because/because of the bad weather. 

10.  She’s away on a business journey/trip

11.  Thieves stole/robbed my office last night. 

12.  I’ll see her while/during the summer. 

13.  If/Unless you don’t stop smoking, you’ll be seriously ill. 

14.  I met them on holiday/holidays

15.  She’ll be back soon; she’s been/gone to the bank. 

16.  I want it ready until/by five o’clock. 

17.  I must pay/pay for my phone bill this week. 

18.  What time does your train get/reach to the station? 

19.  I must return the books I lent/borrowed from the library. 


I arrived home late, so I lost/missed the film on TV.


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