Editing Skills - Punctuation

Level: Advanced

Topic: General

Grammar Topic: Spelling and Punctuation

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Editing Skills- there are punctuation mistakes in some of these 

sentences; add or remove punctuation where necessary 



1.  Rightly the subsequent media frenzy was dismissed in some quarters as a nonstory. 

2.  Kofi Annan, the United Nations secretary general has been dealt yet another blow 

after it emerged that two investigators resigned in protest when he was cleared of 

allegations of wrongdoing. 

3.  The answer to that first vital question, is that they need a helping hand, only when 

they have lost their ability to control events. 

4.  "The old guard are back", she said. 

5.  According to the magazine's editor Paul Morley subscriptions have increased by 


6.  The proposals if passed would also lead to new commissions being set up. 

7.  When the guards opened fire the bomber blew himself up killing a police officer 

and wounding two others. 

8.  Initially, they had sought £5,000 for providing the photographs which had not been 


9.  I was rung by another neighbour, he said there had been an attack in the alley, I 

rushed over and saw the woman with her boy. 

10.  That compounded things for me, lots of people sitting in the dark applauding 

without even knowing what they're watching.