Editing Skills - Spelling (2)


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Published: 1st Sep 2007

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Editing Skills- there are spelling mistakes in some of these 

sentences; correct them where necessary 



1.  A Senate comittee vote on the next US ambassador to the UN has been farther 


2.  Prosecutors in the trial have started rapping up their case.   

3.  A woman detained after last week's fire has admited that she may have started the 

blaze by accident, police says. 

4.  The shuttle launch could go ahead even if an independant advisery panel set up to 

monitor the flight has not signed off every safety improvement. 

5.  Figures suggest that the form of diabetis more associated with adults is much higher 

among children than originaly thought. 

6.  A dozen men stormed the building to denounce the principle group meeting there. 

7.  Nutritional standards for school meals will be made compulsary next year. 

8.  Should huge wind turbines sprout across the uplands of Britain, in the fight against 

climate change?    Views of both opponents and supporters will clash head-on in a 

public enquiry. 

9.  They may face criminal procedings after their fight. 

10.  A peer-reviewed report that was published last year in The Lancet, based on an 

extrapollation of data, suggested that 100,000 civilians may have been killed during 

the invasion and its aftermath. 

11.  Competetive sport teaches children fair play; it teaches them that hard work pays 

off; it teaches children how to win and loose by the rules. 

12.  The legal challenge comes days after parliment recommended an overhawl of 

draught legislation. 

13.  You've seen an injustice and you're seething, but can you chanel your anger into 


14.  Faced with our near-suicidal devestation of the environment, a campaign can be 

individual citizens’ only chance to make a difference. 

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