Editing Skills - Unnecessary Words - Answer Sheet

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Editing Skills- There is a word in some of these sentences that 

shouldn’t be there; delete the word or mark the sentence right. 





 yesterday's early launch gives Microsoft a valuable head-start over their rivals. 

2.  All drinkers develop some tolerance to 


 alcohol so that the heavy drinker can 

take a third more than the novice. 

3.  Nearly two-thirds of the MPs present 


 voted against the president's candidate 

in a session late last night. 

4.  If they expected the next hour to be an easy ride, they were to be surprised. 



5.  A controversial “safer cigarette” 


 designed to cut the risk of smoking-related 

diseases such as cancer and heart failure by up to 90% is being launched soon. 

6.  Our attitude will be stronger 


 than in the earlier games. 

7.  Officials yesterday admitted the new drink laws could lead to more alcohol-

related arrests because 


 more police resources were being deployed in this area. 

8.  Students from disadvantaged backgrounds often do less well at university as they 

struggle to pay the bills. 



9.  Towns and villages in 


 parts of England can expect more severe winter 

flooding and lengthy droughts during the summer in coming decades due to 

global warming. 

10. Five years ago research was published showing that everyone of European 

extraction was descended from one of seven women who lived 40,000 years ago.