Electoral Reform

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Electoral Reform 


In most lines, there is a word which is spelled incorrectly.    In the spaces on the right, 

write the correct spelling or put a tick to show that the line is correct. 


1.  ____ 

2.  ____ 

3.  ____ 


4.  ____ 

5.  ____ 

6.  ____ 

7.  ____ 

8.  ____ 


9.  ____ 

10.  ____ 

11.  ____ 

12.  ____ 

13.  ____ 

14.  ____ 



1.  You rightly promote electoral reform as way of acheiving a more   

2.  representitive government, but appear to overlook its possible role in solving 

3.  another important problem with our democracy: voter apathy. 


4.  Under the currant system, political parties concentrate their campaigning 

5.  on marginal seats, where the result is unknown and may be effected   

6.  by their efforts. Yet they seem surprized that many of the electorate   

7.  in safe seats might similarly calculate that voting is a waist of precious time, 

8.  since for most very little is affected by their efforts. 


9.  The hole idea of tactical voting serves to point out the problems of our   

10.  system. If voters are forced to vote against someone they do not want,   

11.  rather than for who they want, something is clearly wrong.   

12.  A form of proportional representation, preferably the single transferible   

13.  vote, as used in the Irish Republic, would allow people a real choose   

14.  not just between parties but also between individual candadates.