Elementary consonant clusters odd one out


Homophones and consonant clusters with consonant blends like bl- and -nd

By: Alex Case
Level: Beginner
Topic: General
Grammar Topic: Pronunciation

Elementary consonant clusters odd one out

Listen to three words and indicate which has different pronunciation by holding up one, two or three fingers. The differences could be the number of syllables, vowel, consonant, etc.

Circle the one word on each line below with different pronunciation, then listen to your teacher say all three to check.

Ask about any which you are still not sure about, got wrong, don’t understand, etc. (Those in italics aren’t important to understand as long as you can catch the pronunciation).

Test each other on the vocabulary:

  • do the same listening for the odd one out activity
  • say and spell one which has one with the same pronunciation on the same line and see if your partner can say and spell the other
  • say two which have different pronunciation and see if your partner can explain what the difference in pronunciation and/ or meaning are
  • define one of the words, say the two pronunciations on that line, and see if your partner can repeat back the right one
  • say a consonant cluster and a number of syllables and see if your partner can say English words that start or end that way and are that length


Work together to write as many words as you can in each of these categories:

  • One-syllable words with initial bl
  • One-syllable words with initial br
  • One-syllable words with initial fl
  • Two-syllable words with initial fl
  • One-syllable words with initial fr
  • One-syllable words with initial gl
  • One-syllable words with initial gr
  • One-syllable words with initial kl
  • One-syllable words with initial pl
  • One-syllable words with initial sl
  • One-syllable words with initial str
  • One-syllable words with initial st
  • One-syllable words with initial sw
  • One-syllable words with final nd
  • One-syllable words with final nt
  • One-syllable words with final st


Check below, brainstorm more, then compare your extra ideas as a class.


Initial bl consonant clusters

  1. blew/ blue/ brew


Initial br consonant clusters

  1. Blake/ break/ brake


Initial fl consonant clusters

  1. floor/ flower/ flour


Initial fr consonant clusters

  1. fleece/ freeze/ frees
  2. fleas/ flees/ freeze


Initial gl consonant clusters

  1. glue/ grew/ Gru


Initial gr consonant clusters

  1. great/ grade/ grate


Initial kl consonant clusters

  1. climbs/ climes/ crimes


Initial pl consonant clusters

  1. please/ pleas/ police


Initial sl consonant clusters

  1. silo/ sloe/ slow


Initial st consonant clusters

  1. stairs/ stares/ stirs
  2. steal/ steel/ still


Initial str consonant clusters

  1. straight/ strait/ strayed


Initial sw consonant clusters

  1. suite/ sweet/ seat


Final nd consonant clusters

  1. mind/ mine/ mined


Final nt consonant clusters

  1. aren’t/ aunt/ earnt
  2. scent/ send/ sent


Final st consonant clusters

  1. pass/ past/ passed

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