Elementary consonant clusters simplest responses


Listening to consonant blends quick reactions game

By: Alex Case
Level: All Levels
Topic: General
Grammar Topic: Pronunciation

Elementary consonant clusters simplest responses

Look at the worksheet below. Listen to one of two words from one of the lines and race to show which one you think you are hearing. If you are not sure, your teacher will repeat it in an example sentence.

Play the same game in groups, only saying ones which you are sure you can pronounce correctly (and so ones you know how to pronounce differently from the other word on the same line).

Ask about any which you are not sure how to pronounce, wonder about the meaning of, etc. (The ones in italics are not so important to know the meaning of).

Test each other on the same words in other ways:

  • say both words on one line and see if your partner can count the number of syllables
  • pronounce both words on one line and see if your partner can explain how the pronunciation is different
  • choose one line and see if your partner can pronounce both words (differently)
  • say the name of a category and see how many words your partner can say that match it (with B words and words not on the worksheet that have the same consonant cluster also being okay)


Cards to hold up














Initial consonant clusters

Elementary initial bl consonant clusters

A: black                                          B: plaque


Elementary initial br consonant clusters

A: brand                                         B: bland


Elementary initial dr consonant clusters

A: drug                             B: drag


Elementary initial fl consonant clusters

A: floor                             B: flow


Elementary initial fr consonant clusters

A: fry                                               B: fly


Elementary initial gl consonant clusters

A: glass                                          B: grass


Elementary initial gr consonant clusters

A: great                                          B: grade

A: green                                         B: grin


Elementary initial kl consonant clusters

A: close                                          B: clothes

A: cloud                                         B: crowd


Elementary initial kr consonant clusters

A: cross                                          B: across


Elementary initial pl consonant clusters

A: please                                       B: police


Elementary initial pr consonant clusters

A: present                                      B: pleasant


Elementary initial sk consonant clusters

A: skirt                              B: SCART


Elementary initial skr consonant clusters

A: screen                                       B: scream


Elementary initial skw consonant clusters

A: square                                       B: scare


Elementary initial sl consonant clusters

A: sleep                                         B: slip

A: slow                             B: silo


Elementary initial sm consonant clusters

A: small                                          B: sumo


Elementary initial sn consonant clusters

A: snow                                          B: snore


Elementary initial sp consonant clusters

A: spa                                             B: super

A: sport                            B: support


Elementary initial spr consonant clusters

A: spring                                        B: supreme


Elementary initial st consonant clusters

A: staff                              B: stuff


Elementary initial str consonant clusters

A: strange                                      B: estrange


Elementary initial sw consonant clusters

A: sweet                                         B: seat


Elementary initial tr consonant clusters

A: travel                                         B: trouble


Elementary initial tw consonant clusters

A: twin                              B: to win


Final consonant clusters

Elementary final ft consonant clusters

A: left                                              B: lift


Elementary final fth consonant clusters

A: fifth                                             B: fifths


Elementary final ks consonant clusters

A: box                                             B: vox


Elementary final kst consonant clusters

A: text                                             B: texts


Elementary final kt consonant clusters

A: act                                              B: a cult



Elementary final ksth consonant clusters

A: sixth                             B: six


Elementary final ld consonant clusters

A: cold                              B: called


Elementary final lf consonant clusters

A: shelf                             B: self


Elementary final lp consonant clusters

A: help                             B: hep


Elementary final mp consonant clusters

A: lamp                            B: ramp


Elementary final nch consonant clusters

A: lunch                                         B: launch


Elementary final nd consonant clusters

A: mine                            B: mind

A: send                            B: sent


Elementary final ndj consonant clusters

A: orange                                       B: orangey


Elementary final nk consonant clusters

A: think                             B: sink


Elementary final ns consonant clusters

A: once                            B: ones


Elementary final nt consonant clusters

A: aunt                             B: earnt


Elementary final nth consonant clusters

A: month                                        B: months


Elementary final pt consonant clusters

A: slept                             B: slipped


Elementary final sk consonant clusters

A: ask                                             B: asked


Elementary final st consonant clusters

A: first                                             B: fast

A: west                             B: vest

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