Elision in IELTS Listening


Missing sounds in fast IELTS gapfill answers

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Elision in IELTS Listening

Correct the spelling mistakes on the next page.

Try to find what the spelling mistakes have in common and use that to check that you have corrected the right parts.

Check your answers with the suggested answers, then use those answers to check if you guessed the right thing in common between the mistakes.

Why are the wrong parts spelled that way?

In groups, practise pronouncing the sentences with elision the way they are written on the first worksheet, correcting each other if your pronunciation is too close the correct spelling version.

Test each other on the words:

  • Choose one of the lines, say it either with or without elision, and see if your partner can say which one it is
  • Choose one of the lines, say it slowly and carefully without elision, and see if your partner can repeat it back with typical elision
  • Read out one of the lines with elision and see if your partner can write/ spell the phrase


Listening gapfill answers with spelling mistakes to correct

  • academic refrences
  • ancient histry
  • arranged alphabeticly
  • avrage consumer
  • comftable padding
  • communication nework
  • considrably increase
  • culinry skills
  • dangrous chemicals
  • delibrate fouls
  • essential minrals
  • evry three days
  • ex-husbans
  • factry tour
  • full covrage
  • genral store
  • gif shop
  • granmother
  • intrest rates
  • large famlies  
  • late evning
  • libral economists
  • libry card
  • litrature department
  • necessry paperwork
  • numrous problems
  • nursry school
  • obligatry militry service
  • opra house
  • ordinry fare
  • prosprous nations
  • reasnable prices
  • recovring alcoholic
  • red posbox
  • sales confrence
  • satisfactry result
  • secondry school
  • short-term memry
  • sofware compatibility
  • structral support
  • technical vocabulry
  • temprary worker
  • thousanth customer
  • two fiths
  • various aspecs


Suggested answers with pronunciation and correct spelling

  • academic refrences academic references
  • ancient histry ancient history
  • arranged alphabeticly arranged alphabetically
  • avrage consumer average consumer
  • comftable padding comfortable padding
  • communication nework communication network
  • considrably increase considerably increase
  • culinry skills culinary skills
  • dangrous chemicals dangerous chemicals
  • delibrate fouls deliberate fouls
  • essential minrals essential minerals
  • evry three days every three days
  • ex-husbans ex-husbands
  • factry tour factory tour
  • full covrage full coverage
  • genral store general store
  • gif shop gift shop
  • granmother grandmother
  • intrest rates interest rates
  • large famlies large families
  • late evning late evening
  • libral economists liberal economists
  • libry card library card
  • litrature department literature department
  • necessry paperwork necessary paperwork
  • numrous problems numerous problems
  • nursry school nursery school
  • obligatry militry service obligatory military service
  • opra house opera house
  • ordinry fare ordinary fare
  • prosprous nations prosperous nations
  • reasnable prices reasonable prices
  • recovring alcoholic recovering alcoholic
  • red posbox red post box
  • sales confrence sales conference
  • satisfactry result satisfactory result
  • secondry school secondary school
  • short-term memry short-term memory
  • sofware compatibility software compatibility
  • structral support structural support
  • technical vocabulry technical vocabulary
  • temprary worker temporary worker
  • thousanth customer thousandth customer
  • two fiths two fifths
  • various aspecs various aspects

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