Emails about insurance roleplays


English for the insurance industry emailing practice

Emails about insurance roleplays

Choose one of the topics below, write or say an email on that topic, read or listen to your partner’s email reply, and continue the email exchange if you need to. Then take turns doing the same with other topics from below.

  • accident/ crash
  • annuities
  • audit/ auditor
  • bankrupt/ bankruptcy
  • casualty insurance
  • claim/ pay out
  • commercial insurance (for SMEs)
  • commission
  • compliance
  • crime
  • D&O
  • derivatives/ credit default insurance
  • disability/ disabled
  • fire
  • form
  • fraud/ fraudulent
  • FSA/ Financial Services Agency
  • health (check/ insurance/ problems)
  • household insurance
  • indemnity insurance/ professional indemnity insurance
  • (insurance/ health and safety/ restaurant/ building site) inspection
  • insurance agent/ insurance agency/ brokers
  • investigate/ investigator/ investigation
  • liability
  • life insurance
  • lump sum
  • marine insurance
  • marketing
  • mortgage/ home loan
  • motor insurance/ auto insurance/ vehicle insurance
  • natural disaster (extreme weather such as tidal waves and cyclones, flooding, landslides, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc)
  • no claims bonus
  • policy/ contract
  • political risk
  • premiums
  • regulation
  • small print/ exclusions
  • travel insurance
  • unemployment

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