Explaining Sports- Game & Speaking


Making descriptions of sports guessing game and cultural exchange practice

By: Alex Case
Level: All Levels
Topic: Sport
Grammar Topic: Vocabulary

Explaining sports game and speaking

Choose one of the sports below and explain which one you are thinking of without saying any part of its name until your partner guesses what you are talking about. See if they can add anything to your explanation, then take turns doing the same with other sports.

Things you could talk about:

“Play”, “go” or “do” this sport?                                                            Actions

Adjectives to describe watching and doing it                                   Age ranges

Championships                                                                      Equipment (sizes, materials, etc)

Financial details (professional and/ or amateur, free or paid TV, ticket prices, pay, etc)

Gender                                                                                                   History

In Olympics or not                        Locations (court/ pitch/ track, played in schools or not, etc)

Origin of name/ Meaning of name           Players (number, positions, famous ones, etc)

Popularity (past, present and future)                                                 Rules

Skills needed                                                                                        Timings

Your own experience and opinions                                                   Dangers/ Possible injuries


Suggested sports to describe

Abseiling                                       Angling (= fishing)                                      Arm wrestling

Australian Rules football             Ballroom dancing                                       Basketball

Billiards                            Bouldering                                                   Boules/ Petanque

Bowling (= ten pin bowling)/ Skittles                                                 Bullfighting

Bungee jumping                           Camel racing                                              Cockfighting

Competitive eating                       Crazy golf                                                    Cricket

Croquet                                          Discus                                            Diving

Dodgeball                                      Dressage                                                     Fencing

Football (= Association football = Soccer = Footie)                        Fox hunting

Futsal/ Five-a-side football                                                                               Graeco-Roman wrestling

Greyhound racing                        Gymnastics                                                 Hammer throwing

High jump                                      Hurdles                                          Javelin

Kite fighting                                   Laser quest                                                 Lawn bowling/ Bowls

MMA (= mixed martial arts)                                                                Mountaineering

Open water swimming  Paintball                                                      Pigeon racing

Pitch and putt                  Pole vault                                                     Polo

Pool                                                Race walking                                Relay

Rodeo                                            Rounders                                                     Sheepdog trials

Shot put                                         Show jumping                               Sled dog racing

Snooker                                         Squash                                          Synchronised swimming

T’ai Chi                            Taekwondo                                                  Thai boxing/ Muay Thai

Three-legged race                        Tug of war                                                   Unicycling

Do the same with sports not on the list above.  

Work together to explain some traditional or popular sports and games in your country like these Japanese examples: aikido, ekiden, gateball, janken, judo, karate, karuta, keirin, kemari, kendo, kyudo, Sudoku, sumo wrestling, yabusame

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