Family trees coin game


Flipping a coin to practise family vocabulary

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Family trees coin game

Warmers – flick a coin across the table at each other as you ask each other questions, and/ or ask questions then flip a coin to see if you can ask that to someone else (heads) or if you have to answer your own question (tails = tell)

Draw a stick man on the board or a large piece of paper, ask “Is this person a boy or girl?” Your partner will decide “Heads equals boy and tails equals girl” or “Heads equals girl and tails equals boy”. Flip or spin the coin to decide which, then draw clothes, hair, etc to show that.

Do the same thing, but to decide on that person’s family tree, asking questions, making two options, flipping a coin, then drawing whatever comes up.

Suggested questions to draw a family tree

Does … have a …?

Does … have any …?

How many brothers/ sisters/ uncles/ aunts/ grandparents does … have?

Is … older or younger than…?

What is his dad’s name?/ What is her older sister’s name?

What is … …’s name?

How old is …?

What is …’s hairstyle?

Is … tall/ short/ thin/ fat/ pretty/ ugly/ strong?

Is… ….?

Does … have curly hair/ a big nose/ a beard?

Does … have …?

Does … like…?


Possible variations

  • The student who makes the question also makes the options, then the next person flips the coin and draws that.
  • One student makes the question, a second student makes the options, a third student flips the coin, then that student or a fourth student draws it.


Possible extensions

  • Students can also draw a person or people and ask “Who is this?” or “Who are they?” to be given two options on how they join to the family tree.
  • Students try to draw each other’s true family trees, but flip a coin to see who can ask the next question each time
  • Students try to draw each other’s true family trees, but flip a coin each time to see if they have to ask a question to get information (heads) or if their partner will just tell them something useful (tails = tell)

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