FCE (First Certificate in English) Speaking- Common Mistakes


Common errors in Cambridge B2 First speaking, in FCE Use of English style activities

Use of English practice of typical Cambridge First Speaking Part One mistakes

Use of English Part One multiple choice cloze practice of Cambridge First Speaking Part One mistakes

As in the FCE Use of English paper, only one of the four options below is correct each time.

When I was ________________, I went to Tunisia on a school trip.

  1. in the second year of Junior High School
  2. the second year of Junior High School
  3. Junior High School student
  4. a Junior High School

I _________________ English in primary school

  1. learned
  2. learnt
  3. studyed
  4. studied

I ______________ in Tokyo.

  1. born
  2. grew up
  3. brought up
  4. was raised

I live on the seventh floor of __________________.

  1. a mansion
  2. an apartment
  3. a block of flats
  4. a house

How often __________ to the cinema?

  1. do you go
  2. are you going
  3. are you go
  4. do you going

Do you enjoy ________ television?

  1. watch
  2. to watch
  3. to watching
  4. watching

What did you do_____________?

  1. at last weekend
  2. last weekend
  3. at weekend
  4. at weekends

I am _____________ romantic novels

  1. interested
  2. interested in
  3. interesting
  4. interesting in

My _____________ are Saturdays and Sundays

  1. holidays
  2. days off
  3. off days
  4. vacations

I ________________ judo

  1. do
  2. go
  3. play
  4. exercise

What _________________?

  1. is your hobby
  2. is your hobbies
  3. are your hobby
  4. are your hobbies

I have four _________________.

  1. sibling
  2. brothers and sisters
  3. families
  4. parents

 Check your answers, then discuss why the other three options are wrong.


Use of English Part Two open cloze practice of Cambridge First Speaking Part One mistakes

As in the Use of English paper, add just one word to each gap below (contractions like “I’m” would count as two words so aren’t acceptable)

  1. I almost _________________________________ go to the gym at the weekend.
  2. Did you ____________ on with your brothers and sisters when you were a child?
  3. I _______________________________________ brought up in Western Japan.
  4. I often ____________________________________________________ jogging.
  5. I take __________________________________ my father more than my mother.
  6. I look _____________________ my mother but our personalities are totally different.
  7. I didn't _____________________________________________________________ on with my little sister when I was younger, but now we are best friends.

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