FCE (First Certificate in English) Speaking- Past, Present and Future Dice Game


Level: Intermediate
Topic: Time
Grammar Topic: Exam Traps and Tricks
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Published: 31st Aug 2013

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FCE Speaking- Past, Present and Future Dice Game

Version 1

Roll the dice twice. The first roll will decide which topic below and the second roll will 
decide the time you will talk about, e.g. future work if you throw a three and then a six. 
Your partner will make that into a question which you should answer, e.g. “What job would 
you like to have?” The person who rolled the dice answers the questions. 

1 = Other languages
2 = Education/ Studies
3 = Work
4 = Family
5 = Home
6 = Free time

1 or 2 = Past
3 or 4 = Present
5 or 6 = Future

Version 2

Do the same with the more difficult topics below.

1 = Music
2 = Visual arts
3 = Movies
4 = Theatre
5 = Literature
6 = Dance

1 or 2 = Past
3 or 4 = Present
5 or 6 = Future

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