FCE (First Certificate in English) Use of English Part One- Multiple Choice Cloze Vocabulary


This lesson plan focuses on the differences between similar words in FCE Use of English Part One. Students practice creating questions and answering multiple-choice questions to test their understanding.

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Lesson Plan Content:

Differences between typical Use of English Part One words

Cambridge First and Advanced multiple choice cloze

Write a question where only one of the four options below is the correct answer. You can change the words grammatically if you like.


  1. enjoy/ fancy/ like/ prefer
  2. bring/ get/ have/ take
  3. allow/ force/ let/ make
  4. order/ request/ say/ tell
  5. say/ speak/ talk/ tell
  6. could/ ought/ should/ had better
  7. carry/ hold/ put on/ wear
  8. achieve/ manage/ result/ succeed
  9. fit/ look/ match/ suit
  10. be used to/ get used to/ use to/ used to
  11. glance/ look/ see/ watch
  12. go out with/ hang out with/ meet up with/ play with
  13. charge/ cost/ pay/ spend
  14. win/ gain/ beat/ succeed


  1. appointment/ date/ meeting/ promise
  2. belief/ idea/ opinion/ view
  3. advice/ command/ request/ suggestion
  4. Prepositions/ Adverbs
  5. at/ in/ on/ to
  6. away/ out/ to/ up
  7. ago/ by/ until/ within
  8. across/ along/ by/ through


  1. each other/ them/ themselves/ they
  2. actually/ currently/ moment/ nowadays
  3. everybody/ anybody/ all people/ no-one
  4. all/ every/ each/ any
  5. a/ any/ one / some
  6. despite/ in spite/ although/ however
  7. almost/ almost always/ almost all/ almost everyone

Try to answer another group’s questions. If you think two answers are possible and choose both, you get two points and they lose one point if you are correct but you lose one point if you are wrong. You can also challenge another group if you think none of the answers are correct. 

All the words above are different in some way. Ask about any which seem the same.

What are the differences (in meaning, grammar, etc) between words on each line below?


ought/ should

can't/ mustn't
hope/ wish

will/ would

learn/ study

borrow/ lend

look/ seem
look/ look like

get/ have

come/ go

bring/ take

do/ make

let someone do something/ make someone do something

allow/ let

ask someone to do/ tell someone to do

say/ tell

say/ claim

back/ return

hear/ listen


idea/ opinion

advice/ suggestion

employee/ staff

employee/ worker

Prepositions/ Adverbs

at/ in

by/ until

by/ before

three days before/ three days ago

in three days/ three days after

for/ since


a/ one

any/ some

so/ such

most/ most of

Linking words


despite/ in spite

although/ however

but/ however

if/ unless
if/ when
at the end/ in the end

even if/ even though

Take any one of the words above and make a question with three different other options which are not written above. Any of the four options can be the correct answer.

Test each other with your new tasks.

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