FCE (First Certificate in English) Use of English Part Two- Open Cloze Games


Cambridge B2 First Use of English gap-fill task games. Students compete to create grammatically correct sentences with missing words. They also contrast the uses of easily confused words.

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Cambridge First and Advanced Use of English Part Two open cloze

Rush to be first to come up with a grammatically correct sentence with a gap that can only be filled by the word your teacher calls out from the list below. Put up your hand when you think you have written one. If another team challenges you because there is something wrong with your sentence or more than one word can go in the gap, you will lose a point. However, if their challenge is incorrect, they lose a point.

  • ago
  • all
  • although
  • any
  • as
  • at
  • before
  • by
  • every
  • few
  • for
  • from
  • in
  • it
  • nor
  • on
  • one
  • same
  • such
  • that
  • themselves
  • this
  • to
  • too
  • until
  • when
  • where
  • which
  • whose
  • with

Choose one of the words above and give sentences with that word missing until your partner guesses which word you chose.  

Do something similar, but this time competing to make the most different sentences where that is the only word that can fill the gap within the time limit that your teacher sets.

Do something similar, but this time with two similar but different words that need different sentences.



Make pairs of sentences contrasting the uses of these pairs of words (meaning where each word can only go in one of the two sentences). Some of the words have several meanings, so try to make sentences with similar meanings if you can.

  • ago/ before
  • all/ every
  • although/ despite
  • any/ no
  • at/ in
  • because/ so
  • but/ although
  • by/ until
  • can/ could
  • during/ while
  • few/ little
  • it/ one
  • it/ this
  • its/ it’s
  • nor/ or
  • so/ such
  • that/ which
  • them/ themselves
  • too/ very
  • who/ whose
  • will/ would

After checking your sentences with your teacher, read out one for your classmates to guess the missing word in.

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