Free Time Sentence Completion- Personalised Guessing Game


Level: Intermediate
Topic: Time
Grammar Topic: Vocabulary
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Published: 23rd Nov 2012

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Free Time Sentence Completion Personalised Guessing Game
Fill in some sentences below to make true sentences about you.
I ________________ with my grandparents/ parents/ brother/ sister/ dad/ mum/ cousin(s).

I __________________________ every evening/ every day/ every week/ every weekend. 

I _______________________________________ in the spring/ summer/ autumn/ winter. 

I _____________________________________in the garden/ in a park/ in the countryside.

I __________________________________________________________at the weekend.

I __________________________________________________________in my bedroom.

I ___________________________ before/ after breakfast/ lunch/ dinner/ school/ bedtime.

I can cook _____________________________________________________________.

I collect _______________________________________________________________.

I look after ____________________________________________________________.

I don’t like playing with __________________________________________________. 

I sometimes/ never/ often/ usually _________________________________________.

I’m in the ____________________________________________________ team/ club. 

I’m (not) (very) good at __________________________________________________.

I make ______________________________________________________________.

I _________________________________________________________in the street.

I __________________________________________________________ on holiday. 

I can’t ride __________________________________________________________.

I exercise my body by ________________________________________________. 

I feed ____________________________________________________________. 

I like/ love _________________________________________________________. 

I go to ____________________________________________________________.
Read out just the part that you have written from one of the sentences above (not the 
printed words). Your partner will try to guess which sentence you are reading from.

Written by Alex Case for © 2012

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