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By: Richard Flynn
Level: Advanced
Topic: General
Grammar Topic: General
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Gap Fill

Complete the texts with one word in each space:

This Declaration considers ____ persons who move to and settle ____ the territory of

another language community have ____ right and the duty ____ maintain an attitude

____ integration towards this community. This term is understood ____ mean an

additional socialization of such persons in ____ a way that they may preserve their

original cultural characteristics while sharing with the society in ____ they have settled

sufficient references, values ____ forms of behaviour to enable them to function

socially without greater difficulties ____ those experienced by members ____ the host


Taken From: The Universal Declaration of Linguistic Rights

I have just ____ reading the Universal Declaration of Linguistic Rights a document

backed _____ UNESCO, many NGOs and numerous universities, etc. An interesting

document, looking at the problems thrown up by the move _____ a globalised world,

with greater movements _____ people, it tries to establish objective principles towards

the recognition and status of languages _____ a territory.

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