General Election called in the UK

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Topic: Politics

Grammar Topic: General

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Cambridge Advanced (CAE) Use of English Practice 



This exercise gives you practice in the cloze exercises where you have to modify words 

to complete the text.    Complete the gaps using the correct form of the word given in 







1)  Dissolve   

2)  Elect 


3)  History 


4)  Economy 

5)  Determine 

6)  Liable 


7)  Sincere 


8)  Comment 

9)  Major 

10) Enthuse 

11) Lead 

12) Authority 

13) Oppose 

14) Defend 

It was announced yesterday that the British prime minister   

had been to Buckingham Palace to ask the Queen for a 1) _____   

of parliament, and that the general 2) _____    would be in May. 


If Tony Blair wins, it will be a 3) _____ victory, as he will be 

the first Labour leader to win three terms.    He will campaign   

on 4) _____ stability, but the other parties have shown their 

5) _____ to make Blair the focus, with his broken promises. 

In fact, many believe that he is now a 6) _____ to his party 

because of the anger over the Iraq war and questions about his   

7) _____. 


However, most political 8) _____ are predicting a victory for 

his party, but with a reduced 9) _____.    Many within his party 

feel little 10) _____ about his 11) _____ and would prefer it 

if he had stepped down; many feel that he has become   

increasingly 12) _____ .    Attacks from the 13) _____ parties 

have put him on the 14) _____, but now the real campaign has 

begun, the possible results are very uncertain.