Gerunds and Present & Past Participles - Answer Sheet

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Grammar Topic: General

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-ing or –ed? 


1.  When ____ about the quality he valued above all in a general, Napoleon 

used to reply “good luck”.   

A)  asking  



2.  The most ____ issue is the dispute over the scale of EU expenditure. 

A)  pressing  



3.  Among those ____the ordination, were women describing themselves as 


A)  conducting   B) 


4.  The animal, ____to have escaped from a zoo, was caught by the police. 

A)  believing   

B) believed 

5.  The team, ____ from the Premiership last season, are in financial trouble. 

A)  relegating  

B) relegated 

6.  ____ like a champion, she quickly finished off her opponent. 

A)  Looking  



7.  ____ once in his first 100 fights, he eventually became the world champion. 

A)  Defeating  

B) Defeated 

8.  ____ plans for the UK's EU presidency, the prime minister argued that the EU 

would fail if did not meet the challenge of globalisation. 

A)  Outlining  

B) Outlined 

9.  They have new biology courses taught through real life contexts, ____ ecology 

and climate change. 

A)  including  

B) included