Have something done household jobs discussion


Household chores vocabulary and have something done/ get something done

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Have something done household jobs discussion with useful vocabulary for describing accommodation 

Together decide five jobs to do yourself and five jobs to ask someone/ pay someone to do from the list below. Ignore any which you don’t understand, which you don’t want at all, etc for now.

Useful language for discussing the options

Actually, I don’t think I’d bother with that at all (because…).

I don’t think it would be worth the money, so…

That sounds really expensive, so…

That sounds difficult, so…

I totally agree (because…)

I would too, if I was going to do that, but…

I might do that too, but I don’t think it would be a priority. Before that, I’d…

 Take turns reporting what things you wouldn’t do yourself with “have something done” or “get something done”, with the other person showing similarities or differences with the same language or just “I/ We + V”.

Ask about anything you don’t understand, discussing if you need help or not each time.


Household jobs to discuss 

  • arrange a mortgage
  • bring a new sofa to your house from the furniture shop
  • build a log cabin on some land that you have inherited
  • build a shed at the bottom of your garden
  • buy soft furnishings to make a bedroom cosier
  • change a lightbulb
  • clean the concrete exterior of your house
  • clean the ground floor windows/ the upstairs windows
  • choose a concierge/ doorman for your condo
  • choose a host family to stay with when you study English in London for three weeks
  • choose a student dorm roommate
  • convert a shared apartment into studio flats
  • convert a van into a camper van
  • convert the basement/ cellar into a rec room or den
  • convert the garage into a weight room/ gym
  • convert the loft of your bungalow into an extra bedroom
  • cut the grass/ mow the lawn
  • decorate a rented flat to make it less dull
  • drive your group by minibus through the snow to your chalet
  • hang up a hammock on your balcony
  • install wi-fi
  • knock some walls down to make your home more open plan
  • knock through between two semi-detached houses to make one detached house
  • lay carpets
  • make your house into a B&B
  • make your living room look more stylish
  • paint the walls of your bedroom
  • pave over part of the garden
  • plant a rooftop garden
  • put together some shelves from Ikea
  • put up wallpaper
  • renovate a rundown manor house/ stately home
  • rent out your second home when you’re not using it
  • replace a fence/ roof tiles/…
  • search for a top-floor penthouse flat with a stunning view
  • search for a posh but reasonable hotel for your wedding or honeymoon
  • sell your house
  • strip fake bricks from the exterior of your house
  • subsidise your relatives’ rents
  • take a photo of your home for Airbnb
  • take some hideous old furniture to the second-hand shop
  • thatch a cottage
  • unblock the toilet
  • wash the curtains/ dry clean the curtains
  • weed the garden

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