I wish & If only- Guessing Game


Unreal Past for regrets and complaints practice game

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I wish/ If only guess the problem game

Choose one of the situations below and say things you would think or say in that situation until your partner guesses what the situation is. Give other hints if your partner gets stuck, but don’t say any of the words in the sentence below.


You can’t play the guitar



You don’t have a girlfriend/ a boyfriend



You can’t find a job



You can’t move a box



You have a headache



You can’t communicate with someone



You feel bored



Your team are losing a match



It’s raining



You have an exam tomorrow



Your big brother bullied you


Work together to think of at least one sentence with “I wish” and/ or “If only” for each situation above.

What are the differences between the forms used to talk about the present/ future and the past? Why?

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