IELTS- Language of Trends Practice- Your Week and Life


Personalised practice of the language of trends

Your week and life trends practice

IELTS Academic Writing Task One/ Business English


Part One – Your weekend trends

Draw a (line/ bar) graph representing your week or weekend, then describe it to your partner and see if they can guess what it represents. Give them some hints if they can’t work out what it is, for example telling them what one of the axes of the graph represents.

Ideas for graphs

  • Amount of alcohol drunk
  • Amount of exercise done (e.g. number of steps taken)
  • Amount of food eaten
  • Amount of work and study/ Busyness
  • Amount of housework
  • Amount of time spent with people/ with one particular person
  • Energy levels
  • Money spent
  • Time spent doing something


Part Two – Your life trends

Do the same with something from any time in your past, present and/ or future life.  

Ideas for graphs

  • Amount of exercise
  • Amount of savings/ investments
  • Height
  • How far up the company you are
  • How often you do something
  • Income
  • Length of hair
  • Number of films watched/ books read
  • Number of friends
  • Optimism
  • Skill
  • Time spent doing something
  • Weight/ Waistline


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