IELTS Speaking Part 1- Tense Review

Level: Advanced

Topic: General

Grammar Topic: Learning and Teaching

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IELTS Speaking Part One Tense Review- Worksheet One- Question Topics 


Match the questions and answers below to the Part One Speaking topics-   

Work and Studies, Friends and Family, Hobbies and Free time, Hometown, Accommodation, Festivals 

and Celebrations: 


How long have you been studying English? 

How long do you study English every week? 

What are you going to do next weekend? 

What did you do last weekend? 

Have you visited any foreign countries? 

Are you studying anything at the moment? 

When did you last go to a festival? 

When did you first go abroad? 

Do you have any plans for your next holiday? What are you going to do? 

When do you think you will get married? 

How did you celebrate your last birthday? 

Where were you born? 

How often do you go back to your hometown? 

Where are you living now? 

What do your parents do? 

What job do you think you will do in the future? 

Have you ever had a serious accident? What were you doing when it happened?   


Ask and answer the questions in pairs

Written by Alex Case for © 2007 


IELTS Speaking Part One Tense Review 

Worksheet Two- Tenses 


Without looking back at Worksheet 1, write each question in the correct tense 


How long ____________________ (study) English? 

How long _________________________ (study) English every week? 

What _____________________________ (do) next weekend? 

What __________________________________ (do) last weekend? 

______________________________________ (visit) any foreign countries? 

__________________________________ (study) anything at the moment? 

When __________________________ (last go) to a festival? 

Do you have any plans for your next holiday? What _______________________ (do)? 

When _____________________________ (first go) abroad? 

When do you think ____________________________ (get) married? 

How _______________________________ (celebrate) your last birthday? 

Where ____________________________ (born)? 

How often ________________________________ (go back) to your hometown? 

Where _____________________________________ (live) now? 

What _________________________? My father is a dentist and my mother is a housewife. 

What job do you think ___________________________ (do) in the future? 

____________ (have) a serious accident? What _______________ (do) when it happened? 


Check your answers on Worksheet 1.   


Ask and answer different questions with the same tenses.   


Written by Alex Case for © 2007