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Rephrasing in IELTS Speaking Part One
One good way of showing your knowledge in all parts of the IELTS exam is using different
words rather than repeating. What other ways of describing these things can you think of?
As well as synonyms, try to think of longer phrases to describe those things and more
specific words.







go to a restaurant

I’m going to…

have a good relationship with





in my childhood

interested in


keep fit

keep in contact with

leisure activity

most important


movie theater


newspapers and magazines


on Saturday and Sunday

on the Internet


perfect (job/ holiday/ home)

start something new



to review


Compare your ideas with those on the next page. If you’ve written anything which isn’t
below, check with your teacher.

Rephrase IELTS Academic Writing Part One task descriptions in the same way to make
IELTS Academic Writing Part One introduction first sentences.

What else could go in an IELTS Academic Writing Part One introduction?

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Suggested answers

accommodation = home (house/ flat = apartment/ condo = condominium/ company ac-
commodation/ student halls = student dorm)

art = visual art (paintings/ sculpture/ modern art/ contemporary art/ Impressionism/ wa-
tercolours/ oil painting/ exhibition)

books (literature/ novels/ non-fiction/ short stories/ biographies/ comic)

celebration (ceremony/ birthday/ party/ special meal/ family get together/ drinks)

food = cuisine = diet (dish/ meal/ course)

friend = mate = buddy (school friend/ good friend/ close friend/ best friend/ ex-col-
league/ workmate/ drinking buddy/ fellow graduate)

go to a restaurant = eat out = go to a restaurant for dinner/ lunch

I’m going to… = I’m planning to.. = I have plans to = I intend to…

have a good relationship with = get on (well) with = get along with = get on like a
house on fire

holiday = vacation (national holiday/ public holiday/ long weekend = three-day week-
end - NOT days off X)

holidaymakers = tourists = (foreign) visitors (travellers/ tour groups/ day trippers)

hometown = where I am from (where I was born/ my family home/ where I was brought
up = where I grew up)

important = crucial/ vital

in my childhood = when I was a (young) child (when I was younger/ when I was in pri-
mary school/ when I was in my early teens/ when I was a toddler)

interested in = be (really) into = keen on = fascinated by

job = work = occupation (profession/ part-time job/ temporary job)

keep fit = do exercise (work out/ go to the gym/ do aerobics)

keep in contact with = stay in touch with (email/ Skype/ class reunions/ meet up with)

leisure activity = free time activity (hobby/ interest/ how I use my free time)

most important = main = chief

movie = film (thriller/ rom com/ horror/ comedy/ human interest/ drama/ bio-pic/ super-
hero movie/ sci fi/ fantasy)

movie theater = cinema = movie house (art cinema/ multiplex)

neighbourhood = local area = the area where you live = the area near your home

newspapers and magazines = (paper/ regular) publications = The Press

normal = usual = typical = everyday

on Saturday and Sunday = at the weekend/ on weekends (during your days off - NOT
holidays X)

on the Internet = on the web = online = on the ‘Net

overseas = abroad = in/ to other countries = outside (name of your country)

perfect (job/ holiday/ home) = ideal… = dream…

start something new = try… = take up

technology = tech (electronics/ high tech/ new gadgets)

television = TV = the box = the telly

to review = to revise = to go over

transport = transportation (public transport/ aeroplane = airplane = plane/ the under-
ground = the subway = the Tube)

Written by Alex Case for © 2015

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