IELTS Speaking Parts 1 & 2- Work Prepositions

Level: Advanced

Topic: Profession, work or study

Grammar Topic: Prepositions

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IELTS Speaking Parts One and Two- Work plus preposition 

Worksheet One- Grammar 

Without writing in the gaps, decide if each sentence is about a time in the past, present or future: 

I had a summer job _________ a department store, but I didn’t like it and I left after two weeks. 


I’d like to work _______ a journalist 


I work part-time ____________ a shop assistant 


I want to work ____________ a foreign company 


I couldn’t work __________ children or old people 


I would prefer to work __________ a big company.   


My mother used to work __________ a receptionist. 


My brother is going to work _________ a charity next summer. 


My father is working _______ the Osaka office of this company at the moment. 


Fill each gap in the sentences about work above with one word. Check your answers with the teacher. 


Which sentences above do you think are true for your partner? 


Make sentences you think are true for your partner. 


What are the questions for each preposition in the past, present and future? 

Where _____________________ (work)? 

Who _________________________ (work for)? 

Which job ______________________________ (work as)? 

Who _________________________________ (work with)? 

Ask and answer the 12 questions in pairs 

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IELTS Speaking Parts One and Two- Work plus preposition 

Work Prepositions Worksheet Two- Speaking Part Two Tasks 


Student A 

Talk about a job you have done or would like to do in the future 


You should say: 

z  How you chose that job 

z  What the good things about that job are 

z  What the difficulties of doing that job are 

And describe how it is different to other jobs 









IELTS Speaking Parts One and Two- Work plus preposition 

Work Worksheet Two- Speaking Part Two Tasks 


Student B 

Talk about a job someone you know does 


You should say: 

z  How long they have had that job 

z  What the good things about that job are 

z  What the difficulties of doing that job are 

And say if you think that job suits that person and why 








Written by Alex Case for © 2008