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IELTS Speaking Parts One, Two and Three on sport

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IELTS Speaking on sports

IELTS Speaking Part One on sport

Fill the gaps below with one or two words.

What sports did you like at school? I used to ________________ in the lacrosse team.

Do you play any team sports? Not very often, but I sometimes _______ basketball with my friends.

How often do you do sports? Hardly ever, but I used to _____________ judo when I was at junior high school.

What do you do to keep fit? I __________ to the gym twice a week and _____ weight training.

Would you say that you are a sporty person? Not really, but I ______________ boxercise at a gym twice a week just to keep fit.

When will you next do exercise? I’m going to _______________ cycling in the countryside tomorrow.

Are there any new sports that you’d like to take up? Actually, I’m going to ____________ SCUBA diving in Cebu next month.


Ask and answer the questions in pairs, giving your own true answers to the questions.


IELTS Speaking Part Two on sport

In pairs, talk about one of the tasks for one or two minutes, then answer one extra question from your partner about what you said.


Talk about a sport or exercise that you do. Things to include in your answer:

-       Why you do that sport or exercise

-       How it compares to other sports or exercises

-       How popular it is in your country

And say which kinds of people you would recommend that sport or exercise to and why



Speak about a sport that you like watching, including:

-       Why you enjoy watching it

-       When and how you watch it

-       How it compares to other sports

And say whether you also enjoy doing that sport or not, and why



IELTS Speaking Part Three on sport

Ask and answer questions from below. You can use the follow-up questions in brackets after your partner answers the main question if you like, but only if they haven’t already answered it in their original answer.

  1. Do you believe that people your age in your country do enough exercise? (Why do you say that)?
  2. Do you think competitive sports are important for children? (Why do you have that opinion?)
  3. Until what age do you think sports should be compulsory at school?
  4. Do you think sports stars get paid too much? (What do you think could be done about it?)
  5. Until what age should boys and girls do sports together?
  6. What could be the consequences of children becoming less physically active?


  1. What can be done to make people more active? (Do you think that might happen?)
  2. Should men and women get the same prize money? (Do you think that will happen?)
  3. How have sports changed in your country in the last twenty years?
  4. What are the most popular sports for people your age in your country? (Is that changing?)
  5. Is going to the gym becoming more popular in your country? (Why do you think that is?)
  6. Are any traditional sports popular in your country? (Is… becoming less popular?)
  7. How has the sporting world changed since you were a kid?
  8. How much emphasis should sports be given in schools? (Do you think that will be the case in the future?)


What kind of language can you use to talk about the kinds of changes mentioned in the later questions?

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