IELTS Writing Part One- Describing Processes


Speaking practice of language for IELTS Writing Task 1 flowchart tasks

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IELTS Writing Part One describing processes games

IELTS Writing Task One flowchart tasks practice

Choose a process like one of those below and do the activity from here that your teacher tells you to:

  • explain the whole process and see if your partner can repeat it all back
  • explain the whole process and see if your partner can correct anything or add anything
  • explain the whole process, then take questions from your partner
  • take turns explaining steps in the process

Possible processes to describe

  • A manufacturing or construction process
  • A natural process (e.g. the nitrogen cycle or the life cycle of an animal)
  • A political system or legal system
  • An administrative system
  • Buying something
  • Cleaning something
  • Cooking something
  • Doing a sport or exercise
  • Doing something on a computer
  • Entering a competition
  • First aid or other medical treatments
  • How something is selected, e.g. an American Idol winner
  • Making or altering clothes
  • Mending something (e.g. changing a light bulb or bicycle tyre)
  • Operating something (a video recorder, alarm clock, dishwasher, microwave, etc)
  • Safety checks
  • Using public transport
  • Ways of responding in an emergency


Choose one of the processes that you described. Divide the process into two parts, e.g. two halves, then work together to write an introduction to an essay that would have that paragraph plan (without actually writing the body).

Compare your introductions with someone else. Could you use any of there phrases in your introduction (even if they were about different topics)?

Brainstorm typical phrases for summarising the whole process and for introducing the structure of the body.






Brainstorm typical phrases for the body such as explaining the first, second and last step phrases.






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