IELTS Writing Part One- Describing Processes


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Published: 17th Oct 2010

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IELTS Writing Part One- Describing processes

Use a mix of passive and active verbs to describe one of the following processes.  
Your partner should repeat the stages back to you, and you should correct anything 
they get wrong or miss out.

Operating a video recorder, alarm clock, dishwasher or microwave

Cooking something

Mending something (e.g. changing a light bulb or bicycle tyre)

Doing something on a computer

A natural process (e.g. the nitrogen cycle or the life cycle of an animal)

A manufacturing or construction process

Cleaning something

An administrative system

A political or legal system

How something is selected, e.g. an American Idol winner

Making, altering or mending clothes

Entering a competition

Doing a sport or exercise

Buying something

Using public transport

Safety checks

First aid or other medical treatments

Ways of responding in an emergency

Do the same, but this time with your partner asking you further questions about the 

Work together to say as much as you can about one of the things above, and then 
organise that information into two paragraphs

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