IELTS- Work & Study Vocabulary Game


Simplest responses game for vocab to talk about your job and studies

IELTS work and study vocabulary game

Listen to your teacher reading out words and phrases connected to work or study and hold up the correct card depending on what they say.

Write “W” for “work” or “S” for “study” next to each of the following words and phrases: 

Career                                            A business                                     A company

A state school                               College                            Tuition fees

A three-year course                                   A study timetable                          A fresher/ a freshman

Classmates                                                 A graduate student                       Graduation

The lab/ The laboratory               An employer                                  Job satisfaction

Monthly salary                              A full-time job                  A manager

An office                                                       A farmer                                         True or false questions

Multiple choice questions                         Practice tests                  Maths/ Mathematics

A temporary worker                                   Part-time staff                  Job security

Job-hunting                                                 Marking homework                      A tutor

A campus tour                               A bachelor’s degree                     A BSc/ A BA

A lecture                                                       A lecturer                                       A lecture theatre

Stats/ statistics                              Geography                                    Sociology

Humanities                                                  A tutorial                                         A new recruit

A care worker/ A carer                 A shop assistant                           A kitchen hand

Spring term                                                  A postgraduate               An undergraduate

Halls of residence/ halls                            A final year project                       A score

The pass mark                              A grant                              An auditorium

Revision                                                      An essay                                        Exam week

Recruitment                                                 A curriculum vitae/ A CV/ A resume

A surgeon                                                    Earnings                                        Rag week

A field trip                                                     Handouts                                       Enrol

Check any which you are not sure about.

Find things above that mean the same as these things: 

Two examples of bachelor’s degrees


A person who gives lectures


A place where lectures are given


A person who gives tutorials


A person who has already graduated from university once and is studying more


This word is short for laboratory


This word is short for examination


This word is short for statistics


A person who works on a farm


New people in a company and new people in a university


People you work with and people you study with


What the letters CV stand for


A student who has studied less than a postgraduate student


Questions where you have to chose the right answer from A, B, C or D


Test each other in pairs on the words and phrases above using the sentences given

Do the same for other words and phrases above, making your own sentences to describe them

Turn over your sheets and try to write as many words and expressions as you can in the “Work” column on Worksheet 2 in 3 minutes. When you stop, your teacher will give you two more minutes to decide how many you are sure are correct.


Work and Study vocabulary brainstorming
































Do the same for the “Study” column above.

Using the vocabulary above, take turns being an examiner and asking each other IELTS Part One questions about Work and Studies.


IELTS Speaking Part Two work and study tasks

Match the IELTS Speaking Part Two tasks below to the topics “Work” or “Study”

Task A

Describe a teacher who has greatly influenced you in your education.

You should say:

- where you met them;

- what subject they taught;

- what was special about them;

and explain why this person influenced you so much.


Task B

Describe an English language speaking test you have taken or are planning to take.

You should say:

- Why you decided to take the test

- How the experience of taking the test was or how you expect to be

- How you have studied for the test and how useful that study has been in improving your general English level

And say if you think the test is well designed and if not how it could be improved


Task C

Describe an English language course you have studied

You should say:

- Why you chose that course

- If it matched your expectations

- What, if anything, you would change about the course if you could

And explain what you plan to do next to improve your English


Take turns being an examiner and setting the Part Two tasks above for your partner. Don’t forget to ask them one more question after they finish.


Suggested answers




A business

A company

An employer

Job satisfaction

Monthly salary

A full-time job

A temporary worker

Part-time staff

A manager

An office

Job security


A new recruit

A care worker/ a carer

A shop assistant

A kitchen hand


A curriculum vitae/ A CV/ A resume

A farmer

A surgeon



A state school/ College

University fees/ A three year course

A study timetable/ A fresher/ a freshman

Classmates/ A graduate student


The lab/ The laboratory

True or false questions/ Multiple choice questions

Practice tests

Maths/ Mathematics

Marking homework/ A tutor

A campus tour/ A bachelor’s degree

A BSc/ a BA

A lecture/ A lecturer

A lecture theatre

Stats/ Statistics

Geography/ Sociology

Humanities/ A tutorial

Spring term/ A postgraduate

An undergraduate

Halls of residence/ halls

A final year project

A score

The pass mark

A grant

An auditorium


An essay

Exam week

A field trip




Cards to hold up

Photocopy and cut out enough cards for one of each per student.
















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