Improving your English Verb Patterns


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Improving your English Verb Patterns

Verb plus verb/Asking for and giving advice/Learner training

Take turns saying you have one of the problems below and giving advice on your partner’s
problems, starting with your real problems if possible. Then continue with other discussion
of (preferably real) problems, maybe using the underlined parts below.

Useful phrases for asking for advice
… What do you think I should do? … Do you have any advice for me?
… What do you recommend that I should do?

Useful phrases for giving advice
(In that case,)

I suggest…
I think you should…
my advice is to…
you could…
I recommend…

What do you think?
Do you agree?

Useful phrases for responding to advice
I agree./ I think you’re right./ Good idea. I’ll try that.
Really?/ Do you think so? I think…/ I can see your point, but I would say…
Actually, I don’t think that’s (such) a good idea.

Language learning problems to ask for advice about

I can’t afford to study abroad.

I agreed to take some foreign guests out for dinner.

I want to avoid thinking in silence.

I’m considering moving abroad.

I’m thinking about getting a job where I need to use English.

I’ve decided to study abroad at the beginning of next year.

I’ve given up trying to improve my pronunciation because it doesn’t seem to change.

I hope to reach Advanced level as soon as possible.

I want to learn to give a presentation in English.

I promised to help my boss write a report.

My company refuses to pay for my English lessons.

I don’t want to waste time learning vocabulary that isn’t useful.

I waste so much time rewriting my emails many times.

I would like to make foreign friends.

Written by Alex Case for © 2016

Verb patterns grammar presentation
Without looking above, add “to + verb” or “verb + ing” to all the verbs below.





think about


give up





waste time


would like

Check above.

Which ones above have the same meaning and the same grammar?

Written by Alex Case for © 2016

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