Intrusive sounds in IELTS Listening


Extra sounds in natural speech in IELTS Listening gapfill task

By: Alex Case
Level: All Levels
Theme: General
Study Area: IELTS
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Lesson Plan Content:

Intrusive sounds in IELTS Listening

Correct the spelling mistakes on the next page.

Try to find what the spelling mistakes have in common and use that to check that you have corrected the right parts.

Check your answers with the suggested answers, then use those answers to check if you guessed the right thing in common between the mistakes.

Why are the wrong parts spelled that way?

What three extra sounds are added?

Which sounds affect which of those three extra sounds are added?

In groups, practise saying the words they are written with the spelling mistakes, correcting each other if the pronunciation is too close to the correct spelling version.

Test each other on the words:

  • Choose one of the lines, say it either the way it is spelt or with the extra sound, and see if your partner can hear which way you are saying it
  • Say one of the lines with the linking sound and see if your partner can hear which of the three linking sounds you used
  • Say one of the lines quickly with the extra linking sound and see if your partner can repeat it back slowly as two clear words with no linking
  • Choose one of the lines, say it the way it is correctly spelt (without the linking sound) and see if your partner can pronounce it back with the usual fast pronunciation (with the linking sound)
  • Say one of the words with the normal fast pronunciation (with the linking sound) and see if your partner can spell it


Listening gapfill answers with spelling mistakes to correct

  • after releven pm
  • bay yarea
  • blue wocean
  • answe renquiries
  • brothe-rin-law
  • CD yalbum
  • new waccount
  • centre rof gravity
  • coffee yexports
  • data ranalysis
  • day yoff
  • diary yentry
  • Directo rof Studies
  • dolla raccount
  • dry yair
  • effectively yended
  • eye yanatomy
  • photo walbum
  • fee yincurred
  • fire rengine
  • free yimages
  • gramma rexercises
  • issue wa fine
  • knee yinjury
  • lecture rarchive
  • lo weffectiveness
  • logo wanimation
  • media raccess
  • more refficient
  • overdue wupdate
  • review wexercise
  • safety yat work
  • sea yanimals
  • September roff
  • shoe winsole
  • thirty yacres
  • tidy yup
  • too wexpensive
  • Towe rof London
  • view wof history
  • windo waccess
  • yea ron year


Suggested answers with correct spellings

  • after releven pm after eleven
  • bay yarea bay area
  • blue wocean blue ocean
  • answe renquiries answer enquiries
  • brothe-rin-law brother-in-law
  • CD yalbum CD album
  • new waccount new account
  • centre rof gravity centre of gravity
  • coffee yexports coffee exports
  • data ranalysis data analysis
  • day yoff day off
  • diary yentry diary entry
  • Directo rof Studies Director of Studies
  • dolla raccount dollar account  
  • dry yair dry air
  • effectively yended effectively ended
  • eye yanatomy eye anatomy
  • photo walbum photo album     
  • fee yincurred fee incurred
  • fire rengine fire engine
  • free yimages free images
  • gramma rexercises grammar exercises
  • issue wa fine issue a fine
  • knee yinjury knee injury
  • lecture rarchive lecture archive
  • lo weffectiveness low effectiveness
  • logo wanimation logo animation
  • media raccess media access
  • more refficient more efficient
  • overdue wupdate overdue update
  • review wexercise review exercise
  • safety yat work safety at work
  • sea yanimals sea animals
  • September roff September off
  • shoe winsole shoe insole
  • thirty yacres thirty acres
  • tidy yup tidy up
  • too wexpensive too expensive
  • Towe rof London Tower of London
  • view wof history view of history                
  • windo waccess window access
  • yea ron year year on year

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