Is & Are Drawing Game


Simple and fun practice of Present Simple of be with jobs, family vocabulary, nationality adjectives, etc, starting with guessing the drawings and then presenting the grammar through error correction of the sentences that they just drew and guessed.

By: Alex Case
Level: Beginner
Theme: General
Study Area: Present Tenses
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Lesson Plan Content:

is and are drawing game

Choose one of the sentences on the next page. Draw that thing until your partner guesses the whole sentence. Saying other sentences on the same line is also OK, but continue drawing if they say anything else. You can draw maps, symbols, etc, but you can’t write words and you can’t speak. If your partner still can’t guess, let them look at the list to help.

When you finish the game, ask about any sentences that you don’t understand, are not sure that you drew correctly, etc, working together to draw something suitable each time.


Sentences with is and are error correction

After doing the drawing game, correct the sentences below. Each sentence below has one mistake, so change them all.

  • He is six years. X
  • She is three old. X
  • It is kangaroo. X
  • She is samba dancer. X
  • They is British. X
  • They are a pyramids. X
  • It is from French. X
  • They are Hawaii. X
  • It a Japanese mountain. X
  • They are a taco. X
  • He is a superheroes. X
  • She is an firefighter. X
  • He is a paint. X
  • They are photographs. X
  • He is a postal. X
  • He is a nun. X
  • She’s is a soldier. X
  • They’re are television presenters. X
  • They are vet doctors. X
  • She is teacher. X
  • He is a architect. X
  • They are chef. X
  • She is a farm. X
  • He is a soccerer. X.
  • He is a pierrot. X
  • They are lorryers. X
  • She is a guitarer. X
  • He is my father. X
  • This is a mother. X
  • This is my grannymother. X
  • This is my babyest sister. X
  • This is my old brother. X

Check your answers below. Then describe your family for your partner to draw.


Sentences with is and are to draw

  • He is six (years old).
  • She is three (years old).
  • It is a kangaroo./ It is an Australian animal./ It is Australian./ It is from Australia.
  • She is Brazilian./ She is from Brazil./ She is a Brazilian dancer./ She is a samba dancer.
  • They are British./ They are from Britain./ They are from the UK.
  • They are pyramids./ They are Egyptian./ They are from Egypt.
  • It is a croissant./ It is French./ It is from France.
  • They are Hawaiian./ They are (Hawaiian) (hula) dancers./ They are from Hawaii.
  • It is a pizza./ It is Italian./ It is from Italy.
  • It is Mount Fuji./ It is a Japanese mountain./ It is Japanese./ It is from Japan.
  • They are tacos./ They are Mexican./ They are Mexican food./ They are from Mexico.
  • It is a (Scottish) kilt./ It is Scottish./ It is from Scotland.
  • It is Swiss cheese./ It is Swiss./ It is from Switzerland.
  • He is a superhero./ He is an American superhero./ He is Spiderman./ He’s from the USA.
  • She is a fireman./ She is a firefighter.
  • He is an artist./ He is a painter.
  • They are photographers.
  • She is a carpenter.
  • They are cleaners./ They are maids./ They are chambermaids.
  • He is a postal worker./ He is a (bicycle/ motorcycle) courier.
  • He is a priest./ He is a monk.
  • She is a soldier.
  • They are television presenters./ They are TV presenters./ They are television celebrities.
  • They are vets./ They are veterinarians./ They are animal doctors.
  • She is a teacher./ She is a tutor./ She is a professor./ She is a lecturer.
  • He is an architect.
  • They are cooks./ They are chefs.
  • He is a dentist.
  • They are doctors./ They are GPs./ They are surgeons.
  • He is a mechanic./ He is a technician./ He is an engineer./ He is a service engineer.
  • She is a farmer.
  • He is a (sea/ ship) captain./ He is a sailor.
  • They are (airplane/ aeroplane) pilots.
  • He is a librarian.
  • They are ambulance drivers./ They are paramedics.
  • He is an athlete./ He is a sportsman./ He is a footballer./ He is a soccer player.
  • He is a clown.
  • They are lorry drivers./ They are truck drivers./ They are truckers.
  • She is a musician./ She is a guitarist.
  • This is my father./ This is my dad.
  • This is my mother./ This is my mum.
  • This is my grandmother./ This is my granny.
  • This is my grandfather./ This is my grandad.
  • This is my little sister/ my younger sister/ my baby sister/ my youngest sister.
  • This is my big brother/ older brother/ elder brother/ oldest brother/ eldest brother.

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