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Published: 1st Sep 2007

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Language learning opinions (Learner Training/ Functional Language- Opinions/ Meetings) 


Read through the following ideas for studying English and mark each one with a tick for 

good ideas and a cross for bad ideas (don’t think about it too much, just go on your first 



Listening to English tapes when you are asleep 


Having English radio on in the background while you are doing your housework 


Playing English language learning games on your Nintendo DS 


Saying or thinking what you are doing in English as you carry out daily tasks (‘I am unscrewing the 

ketchup bottle cap’ etc.) 


Watching English language films with English subtitles 


Watching Japanese films with English subtitles 


Watching English films with Japanese subtitles 


Watching the same film or TV episode over and over again 


Reading graded readers (= easy readers) 


Reading classic books in the original (e.g. Shakespeare or Charles Dickens) 


Reading English children’s books 


Watching English children’s films or TV programmes 


Keeping a list of language to learn, e.g. a vocab list 


Going through your vocab list several times every day 


Labeling things in your house or office, e.g. with post-its 

Written by Alex Case for © 2007 



Keeping a diary in English 


Online chat 


Listening to the radio news in English 


Reading an English language newspaper 


Writing fiction in English, e.g. short stories 


Listening to English music 


Reading the lyrics of English songs, e.g. from a CD jacket or on the internet 


Singing in English, e.g. karaoke 


English language exercise videos 


Listening to audio books 


Learning a famous speech or poem in English by heart 


Putting yourself into a state of deep relaxation before doing listening exercises 


Getting tipsy (= a little drunk) before speaking English 


Using a dictionary while you are watching a movie 


Learning and using the phonemic script 


Recording your own voice 


Working your way through the dictionary 


Learning as many words as you can of one category, e.g. animal words 

Written by Alex Case for © 2007 



Doing exercises in self-study grammar books and vocab books 


Starting English lessons very young, e.g. when you are two 


Reading a grammar book 


Surfing the net in English 


Taking holidays abroad 


Drawing pictures of the words you want to learn 


Reading children’s books in English 


Having a foreign boyfriend or girlfriend 


Arranging a conversation exchange 


English language exams 




Writing the words you want to learn in katakana 


Modelling your accent on one particular actor, e.g. trying to speak like Robert De Niro 


Using an English-English dictionary 


Occasionally talking to or e-mailing your Japanese friends in English 


Finding a pen friend 


Starting conversations with foreign people you see on the train. 


Going to an English pub and starting conversations with the barmen and other customers. 

Written by Alex Case for © 2007 



Optional Task 

Now read through the list again and label all the ideas for learning languages above by 

how good you think they are with a number representing your opinion as below: 



This is an absolutely fabulous idea. It’s one of the most intelligent things I’ve ever heard. 


This is an excellent idea. It’s almost guaranteed to work. 


This is a great idea. 


This seems like a really good idea. 


I would say this is a good idea.   

This could be quite a good idea. 

This is not a bad idea. It could work. 

This is an acceptable idea. It might be worth thinking about. 

This is quite a bad idea. I doubt whether this would be any use. 

This is a bad idea. I don’t see how it could possibly work. 


This is a very bad idea. There is no chance it could work. 

This is a terrible idea. You shouldn’t even consider doing this. 

This is a really awful idea. It would be pretty stupid to do this. 

This is a totally atrocious idea. It would be worse than doing nothing. 


Written by Alex Case for © 2007 


Using the opinion language below, give your opinion about one of the language learning methods above. 

See if the other students can guess which one you are talking about. 


In my opinion,… 

If you ask me,… 

Generally speaking,… 

As far as I know,… 

The way I see it is… 

As far as I’m concerned,… 

If you want my opinion,… 

I (personally) believe that… 

Not everyone will agree with me, but… 

(This might be a bit controversial but) I would say (that)… 

Without a doubt… 

I’m convinced that… 

I’m absolutely certain that… 

I’m positive that… 

With some reservations, I’d probably say that… 


If the other students can’t guess after one sentence, you can add more information 

Another thing is that,… 


I would also say that… 


Perhaps I should also mention that… 


In addition,… 


Not only that, but… 


What’s more,… 


Written by Alex Case for © 2007 

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