Lebanese Politician Assassinated

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Cambridge Advanced (CAE) Use of English Practice 

Former Prime Minister of Lebanon Assassinated 


In most lines, there is a punctuation mistake.  In the space on the right, write the 

phrase with the correct punctuation 


1.  ____ 

2.  ____ 

3.  ____ 

4.  ____ 

5.  ____ 


6.  ____ 

7.  ____ 

8.  ____ 

9.  ____ 


10.  ____ 

11.  ____ 

12.  ____ 

13.  ____ 

14.  ____ 

15.  ____ 

16.  ____ 

17.  ____ 


1.  Rafik Hariri, the former prime minister of Lebanon was assassinated in a 

2.  massive explosion.    Hariri a billionaire, had was instrumental in rebuilding 

3.  the country after Lebanons civil war.    He was killed in a massive bomb 

4.  explosion that destroyed his motorcade and killed nine other people, 

5.  including some of his bodyguard’s travelling with him. 


6.  The explosion which blew a ten-metre crater in the road, set at least 

7.  twenty other cars on fire and damaged many buildings devastating 

8.  the front of the St George Hotel.    Hariri was pronounced dead on 

9.  arrival at the American University Hospital. 


10.  President Bashar Assad of Syria condemned the bombing as ‘a horrible 

11.  criminal act.  Speculation started immediately about who was 

12.  behind the bombing.    Hariri though he had resigned in October, was 

13.  still a significant political figure and had moved towards the opposition 

14.  groups recently.    He had been critical of the three year extension of 

15.  the Lebanese presidents term of office and many believed he was 

16.  behind the UN Security Council resolution demanding that Syria   

17.  withdraw it’s army from Lebanon.